Xie Feng: golate is very helpful to the team. He has a good relationship with everyone

 Xie Feng: golate is very helpful to the team. He has a good relationship with everyone

After the game, China Happy coach Xie Feng said of the game: we have made full preparation for difficulties before the game, two of US foreign aid, four opponents, the opponent can adjust the way of play by changing people. We did well in the opening 20 to 30 minutes, and the field was developed according to our expectations. After Ding Haifeng was sent off, everyones position on the field was a bit disordered, especially in the midfield. After adjustment, it was better. In the case of losing the ball first, we countered but were finally leveled. First of all, we affirmed the fighting spirit of everyone. We still have deficiencies in technical and tactical aspects, which need to be improved through future training.

Although golate didnt score goals, he made these two goals. Xie Feng said frankly to his performance: after golate came to the team, he had a very good relationship with everyone. He was very professional. Before training, he would go to the gym to practice for half an hour. He helped the team a lot. Our starting lineup has changed a lot from last year. For example, Wang Qiuming and Zhang Chengdong cant play when they are injured. Young players on the bench should be ready at any time. No matter who is injured, they will be able to shoulder the heavy responsibilities.

On the opponent Yongchang, Xie Feng said: during this period of time, we analyzed Yongchang, especially counterattack. On the whole, our restriction on murich was not bad. After the physical fitness decreased, we adjusted the back waist in time to strengthen the defense. I emphasize that the defender should not pass directly to the foot, even after the back. Our second goal is very fast. Yongchang second half replaced Matthews is to strengthen the attack.

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