American Consulate in Chengdu: Chinese employees will be fired

 American Consulate in Chengdu: Chinese employees will be fired

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Anonymous consular staff: Chinese employees will be fired (source: video synthesis)

Source: cgtn press corps

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The wife of the former US Consul in Chengdu expresses her unwillingness towards Chengdu

A few days ago, the wife @ Zhuang Zuyi, the wife of former US Consul General Lin Jiewei in Chengdu (Jim mullina x, who served from August 2017 to July 2020), caused a stir in her early micro blog.

On July 1, @ Zhuang Zuyi published a microblog describing his state at that time.

Controversially, @ Zhuang Zuyi wrote about leaving Chengdu

These greedy and precise plans (in terms of food and music arrangements) were ruined by the new epidemic, and I didnt even have a chance to stay in the house to mourn for a while. I remember that on February 1, Jim woke up early in the morning and said, no, no, the State Department has just ordered that all the family members of diplomatic personnel must leave China immediately! My kids and I have less than 48 hours to book flights, hotels, pack bags, and get medical papers ready I used to think for a moment whether it was like this for Jews to leave home to avoid Nazis before World War II. Then I shook my head and didnt want to be too emotional and told myself that I would be back soon.

Some netizens think that the full text seems to be OK, but the analogy of Jews hiding from Nazis is really malicious

At that time, there were also netizens messages of tears in the eyes and looking forward to coming back

Ironically, the United States unilaterally provoked the incident and suddenly asked China to close its Consulate General in Houston at 4:00 p.m. on July 24.

The US media reported that the US Consulate General in Chengdu is actually collecting information about Xinjiang and Tibet for the US side. The New York Times described this as the most valuable US diplomatic outpost in China.

Some microblog users have come here to write the literature of youth and pain in a strange way because of Zhuang Zuyis speech on foreign social platforms?

It is understood that Zhuang Zuyi was born in Taiwan, China. He has a masters degree in Anthropology from Columbia University. His husband is former U.S. consul general Lin Jiewei in Chengdu.

Related news: after the closure of the US Consulate General in Chengdu, the most injured is the wife of the US Consul General?

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Only because of the identity of the wife of the U.S. consul general, she has become the emotional vent of netizens.

China is finally fighting back!

On July 24, 2020, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs requested the US side to close the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

As soon as the news came out, the American Consulate General in Chengdu became more and more lively!

The sales of drinks, melon seeds and mineral water are rising slowly. The people who eat melons are chatting happily and waiting to see the consulate smoking.

Even a big brother set off firecrackers happily

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In front of the Chengdu consulate general, someone started a live broadcast and tens of millions of people watched it online.

In the past few days since the United States asked for the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, the evil spirit held in our hearts has finally come out!

However, when the whole country was having fun, a woman suffered.

That is Zhuang Zuyi.

She is the wife of Jim mullinax, the US Consul General in Chengdu.


People of the older generation always like to say, marry the chicken with the chicken, marry the dog with the dog, which emphasizes that the wife should share weal and woe with her husband.

Zhuang Zuyi can be regarded as personally experiencing this time.

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Zhuang Zuyi and Lin Jiewei

Originally not impressive, because of her husbands identity, became a network celebrity..

Now, her micro blog comment area can be described as filthy

Female dog!

Climbing, walking all the way, can help raise the ashes.;

Traitors and bandits of the enemy country, national sinners, a nest of cheap animals;


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There were also malicious attacks on her children:

This child is so cute, it looks like Japanese people!

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Two sons of Zhuang Zuyi

Zhuang Zuyi was once very popular.

She was born in Taiwan, but her ancestral home is Sichuan. She is good at cooking Sichuan cuisine.

Although her husband, Lin Jiewei, is an American, he is also affectionately called Sichuan son-in-law.

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(Lin Jiewei)

Because of the nature of Lin Jieweis work, Zhuangzu has no fixed place to live.

She will follow her husband to the country where he works.

This is where the diplomats wife is helpless. Everything has to change with her husband, and there is no way to live a stable life.

In the eyes of others, it may be a sacrifice.

But Zhuang Zuyi took it as an opportunity to learn.

She loves food. Every time I go to a country, I will try my best to get familiar with the local customs and learn to cook local dishes.

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As a gourmet, she also wrote her own experience into a booku2014u2014

Anthropologist in the kitchen.

Once published, the book received a lot of praise. Zhuang Zuyi is also numerous.

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She has more than half a million fans on Weibo.

Unexpectedly, the Sino US dispute, let her become the emotional vent of netizens.


In the eyes of some netizens, Zhuang Zuyi, as the wife of an American diplomat, means firmly tied to the United States.

The position of the United States government is certainly her position.

However, Zhuang Zuyi may be in line with our wish: the US Consulate General in Chengdu has been closed very well.

When the Consulate General is closed, she can see her husband quickly.

She is happier than us.

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Although homesick, Zhuang Zuyi has repeatedly expressed his reluctance to leave Chengdu on Weibo

Lin Jieweis term should end on July 20 this year. Zhuang Zuyi and his children have not seen him for nearly half a year.

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The family of Zhuang Zuyi

At the end of his term, Zhuang Zuyi and his children were in high spirits.

However, a sudden phone call broke their expectations.

The call is from the US ambassador to China: how long does Lin Jiewei need to stay in Chengdu? Thats not true!

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The child wailed with disappointment.

Zhuang Zuyis mood is also very complicated.

There is growing tension between China and the United States. At this time, the husbands term of office has been extended without any reason, which is definitely not a good thing.

On July 21, the United States announced that it would close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, giving it 72 hours.

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Consulate General of China in Houston

Chinese diplomats had to pack up in a hurry.

Since many documents are too late to take away, they can only choose to burn them.

The pictures of the smoke from the consulate stung the hearts of countless Chinese.

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Therefore, when the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs decided to counter it, the Chinese people cheered.

Some people quoted Chairman Maos send the plague God to express their joy

In spring, there are thousands of willows and willows, and 600 million Shenzhou is shunyao.

The red rain turns into waves and the green hills turn into bridges.

TIANLIAN Wuling silver hoe, earth moving three rivers, iron arm shaking.

If you ask me where you want to go, the paper boat is burning in the sky.

American diplomats and their families have become the God of pestilence that the common people want to send.

However, Zhuang Zuyis mood should be Xi Da Pu Ben.

No matter how the U.S. government jumps, at least for her, her husband can come back to him.

As for those abusive remarks on her microblog, they must be secondary in her mind.


Should the US government scold? Its time!

Should Zhuang Zuyi be scolded? There are differences.

To be fair, she did nothing wrong.

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The only thing that netizens hold on to is that when she returned to the United States in February, when the epidemic situation was serious, she compared herself to Jews fleeing the Nazis..

Some netizens embellished it by saying that she compared the Chinese to the Nazis.

In fact, she means new coronavirus by Nazi.

In the final analysis, the reason why Chinese people dislike her is that she is the wife of the Consul General of the United States.

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Many American diplomats have the task of gathering intelligence.

Chengdu, in particular, is the base for the United States to pry into Chinas Southwest Territory.

As the Consul General of the United States, Lin Jiewei can not escape this suspicion.

But this is unexpected. Should we attack his wife personally?

An old event 71 years ago may be instructive to us.

The protagonist of that story, named Leighton Stuart, was then the U.S. ambassador to China.

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John Stuart

He was born in Hangzhou, China. His words are very authentic. He has lived in China for more than 50 years.

The famous Yenching University, founded by Leighton Stuart, has cultivated numerous talents for China.

I am more a Chinese than an American.

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During the Anti Japanese War, Leighton Stuart supported the students anti Japanese activities.

He even led the students to participate in the Anti Japanese March, shouting the slogan of down with Japanese imperialism.

Soon after, he was captured by the Japanese army and thrown into prison.

This time in prison, as long as four and a half years.

If you dont look at his appearance and pedigree, everyone will think that this is a Chinese.

As the founder of Yanjing University, he is the image of a loyal elder in the hearts of teachers and students.

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At that time, some students were not used to the corruption of the Kuomintang and wanted to go to Yanan.

Although Stuart made friends with many important officials in the government, he did not hesitate to support the students ideas.

Despite the political disputes, Leighton Stuart was a good man in the secular sense.

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After he was expelled from China, some people held grievances for him.

Bingxin once said, I dont like to hear goodbye, Leighton Stuart . He helped a lot of progressive students. Several of them went to the liberated areas in his car. Its not good to be ungrateful to everyone who helps them.

Bing Xin was not wrong, nor was Mao Zedong.

Its just that they measure things differently.

Moreover, the founding leaders handled this issue with great propriety.


Mao Zedong made it very clear in his farewell to Leighton Stuart

Leighton Stuart is the symbol of the complete failure of the American aggressive policy.

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Mao Zedong did not use abusive language to scold Leighton Stuart, let alone his family members.

The main artillery fire of this heroic article is aimed at the U.S. government and then Secretary of state Acheson: those myopic, confused, liberal or democratic individualistic Chinese people, listen, Acheson is giving you a lesson. Acheson is a good teacher for you. Acheson has swept away the benevolence, righteousness and morality you have imagined in America, havent you? Can you find a trace of it in the white paper and Achesons letters?

These words are used to describe the present US Secretary of state pompeio, without any sense of conflict.

Mao knew very well that diplomats were not masters on the treacherous international chessboard.

In the United States, the person who has the final say in the field of diplomacy is the owner and Secretary of state of the White House.

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Ordinary diplomats are just the executors of the will of the state and a screw of their own home country.

It doesnt matter whether they are good or bad.

If we focus our artillery on Leighton Stuart, there is no point in cursing him to death.

Because at that time, he was just an old gentleman, frightened like a dog who lost his family.

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If he insults his wife and children, he will lose the most basic demeanor of a country.

More than 70 years have passed, but the truth is still the same.

When we use critical weapons, we should be reasonable and well founded, and maintain the demeanor of a great power.

We should pay attention to the way of criticism and find out the object of criticism.

After counter-measures, the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu will be closed, and southwest China will be safer. This is certainly a good thing.

Consul general Lin Jiewei will also return to the United States in dismay.

We can celebrate.

But if someone celebrates by abusing the wife of an American diplomat as a bitch and cursing the diplomats family for death, it is really unnecessary.

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This approach is both low and irrational.

Its better to imitate our great leader and say: goodbye, Lin Jiewei!

Gu Jingyan, columnist of World Chinese weekly

Behind the news, there is a world you dont know

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