My ex girlfriend can set up a Virginian plum to marry her this time

 My ex girlfriend can set up a Virginian plum to marry her this time

In winter, little plum will also let his girlfriend put his cold hands in his pocket, warm her hands, incarnate a warm heart boyfriend, those arrogant and uninhibited can no longer be found.

In order to satisfy all Camillas preferences, Li will also put down her body and ride a bicycle with her to enjoy the scenery along the street.

Although Camillas clothes are suitable for lovers, they are also suitable for her.

Although Camilla is a new comer in the fashion circle, she has been on the cover of the Turkish version of vogue as early as 2016, and even filmed the 2017 love video calendar with famous models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenna. She has also starred in James Franks Bukowski and Bruce Williss raptors, and slowly entered the entertainment industry.

Camillas beauty and figure, not to mention, perfectly inherited her parents excellent genes. She likes to keep fit every day, especially Pilates, yoga and box jumping. But also like the comprehensive fighting, no wonder the body line is very perfect.

In terms of dressing, she is super stylish. No matter what style she is, she can control it freely. She just hopes that in the future, she can also help her clean up.

After going through thousands of sails, Xiao Li finally knows what kind of lover he wants, so lets bless him together!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian_ NQ0184