Family members of 15-year-old girl missing in the morning

 Family members of 15-year-old girl missing in the morning

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Chengdu 33 year old man lost contact with Audi in the middle of the night! Search and rescue by land and water failed for 18 days

On the evening of July 25, on the night of July 25, the wife of the lost man, ou bingchao, told Nandu reporter that they had been married for seven years, and there was no abnormality before their husband lost their union. There was no house loan or car loan at home. There was a certain amount of debt, but the repayment was made on time every month. If he is worried about the pressure, I hope he will come back soon. We will face any difficulties together. Ms. Wen said. At present, Jintang County and Chengdu Qingbaijiang District police have been involved in the investigation of the case.

I stayed in a strange town for 3 hours and lost my car in the middle of the night

In the early morning of July 8, ou bingchao, who lives in Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, finished business talks with customers in huaikou, Jintang County, Chengdu. After leaving a local tea house, he drove for more than an hour on the streets of Jintang County, then walked into a restaurant and ordered a bowl of hooves and a bottle of mineral water. After sitting in the restaurant for more than an hour, at about 3 a.m. on the 8th, ou bingchao sent his wife and parents wechat saying that he was ready to go home. More than 10 minutes later, ou bingchao, captured by the last surveillance camera, disappeared in the Tuojiang section of Jinle road driving an Audi.

After the loss of contact with Ou bingchao, his family members issued a notice to find him. On the evening of July 25, Ms. Wen told Nandu reporter that after her husband lost contact, she contacted all the relatives and friends of her husband that she could think of. They all said that they didnt find any abnormality in him, Ms. Wen said that her husband, ou bingchao, left home early on July 7. That day, he went to Shifang and Deyang to meet clients, and finally arrived in Jintang County. The place he told me to go was the same as his route on the day of the police investigation.

Ms. Wen said that her husband worked as an intermediary in the iron and steel industry. The monitoring showed that he separated from his customers in the early morning of July 8, and finally stayed in a snack bar in huaikou, Jintang County for more than an hour. His family had no relatives and friends in Jintang County. At 3:00 on the same day, he sent me a wechat saying that he was ready to go home and let me have a good rest. We later confirmed according to the monitoring that the time when he sent me a wechat and when he was ready to leave the snack bar was also a time period.

Its only about an hours drive from Jintang county to Qingbaijiang District. If it goes well, ou bingchao will be home at 5:00 on July 8 at the latest. At that time, he also sent a wechat message to his mother who found that he had not come home at night, saying that he was on his way back.

Ms. Wen said she had also seen comments from netizens who suspected her husband was short-sighted. She thinks that her husbands personality is more cheerful. If he really cant think about it, why should he tell his parents that he will be back soon?

What worried the relatives was another situation. On the same day, ou bingchao drove from Jintang to Qingbaijiang District and went along the Tuojiang River. According to the monitoring images, at about 2:00 a.m. on July 8, more than 10 minutes after leaving the restaurant, ou bingchao drove in a card office and was photographed. Then his mobile phone was turned off and no satellite signal was received. In addition, Ms. Wen said in an interview with the media that Audi in question bought a second-hand car in 2019, and there was no GPS in the car, so it was unable to search according to the vehicle positioning.

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