Hong Kong media unveils old photos: he Youqis new love

 Hong Kong media unveils old photos: he Youqis new love

Alices academic performance in school is very average. Sometimes she doesnt go to school when she is in a bad mood. However, the school teacher calls her parents and parents cant help her.

However, Alice found a way to earn extra money when she was in school. She took private photos as a female model. Because she was good-looking and good at posing, she was very popular. She made a lot of money to buy brand-name bags and luxury goods. She was very vain.

According to people familiar with the matter, we didnt expect her to catch up with the gambling kings son he Youqi! When she was studying, she changed her boyfriend very quickly. She often went to the pub to meet a rich man. After her parents scolded her and educated her, she still ran away from home. Her character was very rebellious.

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