8 years old, graduated from NTU at 11 years old? It looks like a child prodigy, but its all about business

 8 years old, graduated from NTU at 11 years old? It looks like a child prodigy, but its all about business

What is waiting for them is the following step-by-step higher education life, as well as slightly uneasy about whether the smooth employment, into the society.

But prodigies are not the same. They dont have to be 18 years old to go to college, and they dont have to graduate to enter society.

The prodigy began to walk at the age of 1. He came to the society at the age of 3. When he was less than 12, he was already preparing for his masters and doctors examinations

Its not intuitive to see the screenshots. Lets see what he says.

He Yide, born in 2008, is 12 years old.

So by the age of two, when children of the same age had just stabilized, he Yide, a child prodigy, had been able to climb Zijin Mountain.

Such a gifted child is not famous. Its hard to face it.

As a result, on New Years Eve when he was 3 years old, he Yide became famous by running naked in his shorts in the heavy snow in New York City with the temperature of - 13 degrees.

Now, children of the same age have just finished their last childrens day before they are ready to go to junior high school.

He Yide is ready to study masters degree at the same time.

Ouch, this is the child of Zhen u00b7 other peoples family.

Do not dare to compare, people than people, angry people.


Are there really gifted children in the world?

There are.

Wang Bo wrote poetry at the age of six, Mozart toured Munich at the age of six, and Ning Po entered CUHK at the age of 13.

In fact, Nobel laureate Li Zhengdao called these children precocious children. In 1972, he suggested that 13-year-old and 4-year-old premature children could be sent to university to receive education in accordance with their intellectual level in advance.

I believe that when you go to school, there are more or less IQ crushing peers in the school, and even challenge the learning God of teachers. If you cant work out the auxiliary lines of mathematical problems that you cant do with your brain, they will take a look at them and make people realize for the first time that there are indeed differences in the level and time of intellectual development between people.

I never deny that there are geniuses in this world, there are lots of them. He Yide is indeed better than his peers and his intellectual development is better than that of his peers.

But his experience is still too mysterious, mysterious to break through the limits of human beings.

1-year-old hike.

What is the meaning of hiking? Baidu Encyclopedia defines it as one of the extreme sports:

In a more detailed dictionary, it is explained that it is generally necessary to walk at least 10 kilometers in a row to be called rampage.

So I ventured to guess that it might be his father who was on a rampage, with his children, and then the children could stick to it a little more than their peers.

I took two more steps, and then changed a concept, called rampage.

3-year-old running naked in the snow, in fact, the childs metabolism is fast, as long as the parents are cruel, in a short time, its no big deal.

Its hard to say that its difficult to participate in international sailing competitions at the age of 4, but I have seen many of them in my life

Parents have to have money.

Whats more, the robot competition champion he won three times in a year is called vex, which is essentially an educational promotion competition.

Or to put it bluntly.

Its a game that has a big reputation, allows parents to pay, lets their children have fun, and can give gold-plated games.

After parents pay a lot of money, children may not learn as much as you think.

After all, rich people are willing to let their children have more fun.

But blow it out as an important achievement to prove that you are successful in educating your children.

In fact, its not as good as his father

You see how rich I am!

Of course, none of this is the point.

He Yides experience, the most bluffing, is 8-year-old admitted to Nanjing University.

And in principle, there is no difference in what schools:

We cant look at the self-taught examination from the perspective of unified enrollment. Generally, the unified enrollment pays attention to the quality of the school, while the self-taught examination only pays attention to the diploma. For example, the self-taught diploma level of Peking University and Xinjiang University is the same, and the self-taught Diploma of all Chinese universities is the same. As long as the self-taught diploma, no matter which province or which examiners school is, the whole country recognizes that they are all treated equally. Therefore, as long as a certain university has the qualification to open a self-study major, they can apply for the examination.

This has nothing to do with the full-time undergraduate of Nanjing University.

Therefore, he Yides NTU is different from the famous school in our mind. Its just that the father of another family, taking advantage of the reputation of Nantah, publicized himself.

Here, he Yide, 8 years old, was admitted to Nanjing University, which is a complete concept change.

Whats more, he Yides father told reporters during the interview that he spent two months in junior high school and one month in high school.

Listen, isnt it amazing?

But if you look at the interview of he Yides father, we can have a closer look:

You will find that he has eliminated physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography, English and other subjects.

So whats left?

Seeing this, I believe many people understand.

Whether he Yide is a child prodigy remains to be discussed, but his father is really trying to package his child as a prodigy.


In fact, this is not the first time he has appeared in public view.

As early as 2012, when he was three years old, he had already made headlines in the major news and won him the title of naked brother.

For a long time, naked brother is his fathers most proud work. Since that day, he has been using the name of father of naked brother to publicize his various undertakings

But if you really saw the video of he Yide running naked in the snow, his father posted on the Internet, you might not think so.

At that time, it was 13 degrees below zero in New York, and it was snowing heavily. He Yide, only 3 years old, was chasing his father while crying

Dad, hold me.

Dad, can you hold me.

But his father didnt hold him. Instead, he ordered him to lie down in the snow again and again, so that his father could take a video and send it to the Internet

His father called this his Eagle education..

The concept of Eagle education comes from a famous fairy tale

When the young eagle is big enough, the mother of the eagle will drive the young eagle down the cliff. When the young eagle falls to the bottom of the valley, she beats her wings desperately to master the flying ability.

Its a fairy tale because its a classic rumor.

In fact, those young eagles pushed out of the nest by the female eagle will fly long ago. This is their instinct. The reason why the female Eagles drive them out is that the nest is so big that they will squeeze into their younger brothers and sisters, which will affect the female eagles reproduction of the next generation

In the video above, I cant see any Eagle education.

I only saw a father who wanted to manage his childs child prodigy. He was using various methods to make his child look like a child prodigy.

With such a father, the series of seemingly tall names behind he Yide, as well as the appearance of child prodigy again and again in public view, are fully understandable.

u2014u2014If not, how to bluff?

Why bluff?


After his son became famous for streaking naked in 2012, he Lisheng began to walk in the river and lake with the nickname of Eagle father.

Seeing that other peoples children are so excellent, parents of children of the same age are anxious.

Its good to make a child as good as someone elses.

Eagle dad is very understanding. If there is a demand in the market, he will solve this demand.

Therefore, in 2016, he Lisheng registered to establish an education and training institution, yingpa public school, and began to recruit students openly.

Since it is to cultivate child prodigies, the monthly tuition fee of 10000 yuan is not much.

However, can Eagle dad really produce prodigies?

Lets look at his teaching methods.

This is the media report on Eagle dad school in 2018:

Pay attention to several key points:

These are not just a bunch of false formalism teaching?

Is there any difficulty in teaching?

Is it linked to the cultivation of child prodigies?

The answer, of course, is No.

In the teaching of Eagle father public school, the most important thing is to repeat the old steps and let the registered children run wild in the snow.

But what is the point of this limit?

Maybe its the children who suffer. Eagle dad makes money.

Whats more funny is that parents are developing their children to prodigies here. In fact, the eagle father doesnt even have education qualifications.

In 2018, an article named escape from the eagle father has attracted wide attention on the Internet.

The article reveals that in the Eagle dad educational institutions, children who cant stand challenging the limit and want to escape.

Also in 2018, some media reported that Eagle dad school was not qualified.

So, what kind of prodigy.

Its just that his father used his sons name to market and then set up a training institution to make money.


Of course, child prodigy is not an isolated case, nor is the use of child prodigy to make money.

For example, some time ago, there was a more popular girl named Cen. Here is her profile:

She can write 300 words, 2000 novels, 15000 words a day.

A day is 24 hours, 1440 minutes, divided by 2000 is 0.72 minutes. So it takes only 43 seconds for a prodigy to write a poem.

This also requires not eating, drinking, sleeping, or doing anything else. He has been writing poetry all the time. This is no longer a human being. Luo Guanzhong did not dare to do so when he talked about Zhuge Liang, who said how wise is almost demon.

Note that people are only one day at present, which means that they have great development potential in the future.

Not only that, but she has been able to publish three books in less than two years, while maintaining high output every day.

These three books are also involved in the field of repeated horizontal jump, first classic poetry collection, and then to do positive energy novels, and then do not forget the original intention to return to the poetry itself.

Its pretty cool, isnt it?

Its not over.

She is also the founder of the global Chinese Youth Leadership Learning Association,

He was the first runner up in many speech contests,

He is also the founder of three brands,

Beyond the resume,

Or a magazine reporter,

Deputy editor in chief

Obviously, when you see such a prodigy, your first thought should not be that the child is bragging, but should go to the person behind her.

Sure enough, there is also a good father behind this unusual girlu2014u2014

This fathers name is Cen mine, a reporter of China International News magazine.

The father is a reporter, and the child naturally becomes a student reporter of China International News magazine. And then this dad, all the time, was promoting his gifted daughter..

Maiden poet, famous orator, prodigy

Only you dare not think, without him, he dare not say.

However, if you really watch the video of his daughters speech, you will think that you have strayed into some MLM outlets. The master of MLM above is brainwashing all believers

Sure enough, looking through her fathers experience, we found that their grandfather was Chen Anzhi. Her father also founded a biotechnology company

As for whats on sale.

You know everything.


No matter it is from one year old to twelve years old, he is a wonderful child.

He was 14 years old and wrote 2000 poems a day.

They are not so much prodigies as money making tools and puppets for their parents.

Behind the puppets with the aura of child prodigy, there are carefully designed commercial chains.

It aims at parents who are anxious about their children and their daughters for education resources.

And those who make money dont care if their lies are outrageous.

Because they know, pity the worlds parents. In the treatment of children, there are always parents who are naive and willing to believe in all kinds of good training methods.

As an outsider, I cant judge what kind of harm this will cause to children, but I will never do such things to my children.

Because its unfair to children, its hard for them to be happy.

Maybe to them.

They made money.

As for whether the child is happy or not, it doesnt matter at all.