Wu Yifan and Yang Zis qingzan Xing: Shu Baizi flaw, when will I meet you?

 Wu Yifan and Yang Zis qingzan Xing: Shu Baizi flaw, when will I meet you?


And Yang Zi has always been the guarantee of ratings, she is every role can interpret a completely different Yang Zi. Do you like this little monkey purple? I am looking forward to her and Xiao Zhans more advice for the rest of your life. How is the arrangement this summer? And in modern drama and costume drama easy switching, and can be so meticulous. In the new generation of florets, Yang Zis acting skills have also been fully affirmed. Where can I find this kind of audience. Yang Zi seems to be a universal CP, which is suitable for mens size one. You can see the quality of actors.


Lets take a look at Wu Yifan. We can see that he was already a four returned sons. Huang Zitao, Zhang Yixing and Lu Han have gone hand in hand. Wu Yifan is no exception, but more appear on the big screen. He played the leading role in Xu Jingleis film theres a place we only know, for which he won the best new actor award at the 3rd London International Chinese Film Festival. The films old cannon, so you are still here, summer has the arbor, journey to the West u00b7 Fu demon chapter, etc., all have Wu Yifans wonderful performances. Only, there is no TV work.


July 16, after 230 days of green hairpin line officially killed. It is said that the play is planned to be made into two. A green hairpin line and a Tianhe Xing, 35 episodes in each. In addition, there is also suspicion of controversy. This is more troublesome. Yang Zi is a little flower, and Wu Yifan is a popular student. The combination of the strong and the strong should not be a sign of weakening each other. Finally, I believe that the film will abide by the spirit of the contract, properly handle the follow-up. Is it a solution? No one knows. How about the finished product? We also have to see the final result of qingzanxing.


Yang Zis article: green hairpin

Every play is important to me

Thanks to Director Lin and director Liang for their guidance and care, thanks to the cooperation and efforts of the crew members, and to the audience who have always believed in me to pay attention to me

There are a lot of voices about our play. I am grateful for your enthusiasm, and I sincerely accept your suggestions. I hope you can give us more confidence, abandon the noise and wait for the flowers to bloom

Im looking forward to the day when Huang Zichang meets you all


Wu Yifan wrote the following article:

Especially in the event of the epidemic, the whole crew stuck to their mission and overcame many difficulties that could not be accomplished

I seldom write long articles, but its true that I can get together several times in my life, even if there are few friendships. Dont let go of them easily.


It is expected that green hairpin line is a work that can be loved by everyone. It is a pure work, and I dont want to see any disturbance outside the work

Li Shubai, I will look forward to you with every audience and lets share the joys and sorrows again


Yang Zi and Wu Yifan published their official photos on their social platforms.

Yang Zi sits on the stool, holding a paper fan with love in her hand. Note: the long wood, why not a slight flaw.

Wu Yifan is also sitting on the stool, which is the same as the folding fan in Yang Zis hand.

It says peace, and the accompanying text is even more interesting: Peace & love.


Well, I believe you all know that the Chinese meaning of Peace & love is peace and love.

As a matter of fact, its really great to have Yang Zi and Wu Yifan in the movie. This is all fans, but also the blessing of the audience.

So, lets get rid of the noise and wait for the flowers to bloom.. Looking forward to the day when Li Shubai and Huang Zixia meet with you!