She wrote 2000 poems on the first and last day. Because of a video, she exposed the dirtiest scene behind her

 She wrote 2000 poems on the first and last day. Because of a video, she exposed the dirtiest scene behind her

24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds.

In other words, one song is made every 43 seconds without eating, drinking or sleeping.

Its a little difficult for ordinary people to copy one capital for 43 times.

This is a child prodigy.

Heres the thing.

On July 14, a profile picture spread wildly on the Internet.

Her name is Cen Yinuo.

He claims to be able to write 300 CI Pais, 2000 poems and 15000 word novels a day. He has published three books and various founders

Seeing this, I cant wait to find a hole in the ground.

16-year-old sister, how can you make me an aunt in her twenties?

Originally, she wanted to wait for her to refute the rumor, but her father said:

There is no exaggeration in the relevant publicity, it is all true.

Whats more, the so-called creation is actually faster than typing.

Ah, well.

When I wrote this,

It should be,

A poem.

Dont look up in a hurry, the more incredible is still behind.

I went to watch the video of her speech. As soon as she opened her mouth, I knelt down.

Good now, good now, are you in good condition or not? Are you in a good mood or not? And where are your cheers?

As soon as the voice dropped, the music began to ring, and her hands and feet began to dance.

Her speech continues.

It as like as two peas in the street.

Dont miss it. Theres only one chance!

However, things are not as simple as we think.

After the brainwashing speech, it is to collect money.

Her father borrowed the 180000 from his family and friends.

I would like to briefly introduce Ji Jianjing.

He is the king of Asian service transactions, a famous speaker, a best-selling author, and one of the top ten innovators in China.

Netizens found that the style and content of Ji Jianjing and Cen Yinuos speeches are very similar.

No wonder Cen Yinuo is so excellent. After all, the teacher is a big man.

On July 17, a reporter came to the company under the name of Ji Jianjing.

Journalists may just want to see how genius is developed..

I didnt expect to be closed.

The sign of ISC International Academy of speech was hung at the door of the company, but the door was closed.

The staff at the front desk said, the power is off today, we have a holiday and so on.

Seems to be avoiding something.

In addition, the company said: Cen Yinuo is already in the training course, each person charges about 5000 yuan.

And she once said in a speech: Im going to buy a 2 million Maserati in August this year.

Can you imagine this is what a 16-year-old girl said?

In the reporters repeated questioning, Ji Jianjing companys financial director said: the little girls bragging is too much. People come to ask all day long. Its really annoying.

This car turns over a little fast.

Im sorry, there are 666 poems of Cen, collection of Chinese youth classic poetry, thunder and war police. I searched the whole network and found no trace.

There is also the identity of founder of global Chinese youth leaders Learning Association.

Sorry, this organization doesnt exist.

Its profile also says the founder of a certain brand.

But the legal representative of the company the brand belongs to is her father.

Its not clear how much of a fake it is.

But why do so many people believe it?

Because of ignorance? Ignorance?

I remember that in primary and junior high schools, schools always invite some successful people to give speeches.

Parents and students all heard a snivel and a tear.

After the speech, there will always be a finale: selling books.

In addition to being moved, do not say a word, buy!

This society is never short of leeks, just a lack of cheaters.

Who makes us live in an era of brainwashed by successful learning?

You may not know Chen Anzhi.

But I must have heard such a saying: to succeed, you must first go mad and keep your mind simple and forward.

This sentence comes from Chen Anzhi, a very famous lecturer in success studies.

Such a moving picture has been circulated on the Internet.

Be the first if you want to do it!

Full of positive energy, plus smart gestures.

Can be such a positive person, the body is covered with blood.

A peasant woman named Niu Fangfang took Chen Anzhi as her teacher because of her dream.

I hope to reach the peak of life through the guidance of master.

Unexpectedly, the peak has not yet reached the top, her life has been desperate.

She saw that someone recommended Chen Anzhis course on wechat.

She was fascinated and thought it was amazing.

So, with a try mentality, he paid 1680 yuan.

This is a foot has stepped into the door of success study.

After listening to Chen Anzhis speech, he was miserable and completely convinced.

Chen Anzhi said: after taking him as a teacher, he can make tens of millions of yuan by pointing out several projects at random.

Tens of millions. Thats not a small number.

Niu Fangfang one does not do two endlessly, sign up!

It doesnt matter. As long as you can succeed, you have to learn how to sell iron.

Niu Fangfang sold more than 300 sheep and more than 50 cattle and pieced them together.

Finally, 1.08 million yuan was collected.

1.08 million is the price of the ultimate disciple.

After becoming the ultimate disciple, Niu Fangfang began to teach.

At the same time, she found something was wrong.

Because the content of each training is the same.

There is no new content at all.

They even sell some strange products and ask students to buy them.

After attending the last training, Niu Fangfang finally determined that this was a fraud.

But whats the use? The money went out.

She ran through all the help departments, and it didnt work.

Qin Xue is also one of the victims.

In spite of her husbands opposition, she resolutely quit her job and started teaching Chen Anzhi.

She also borrowed 310000 teacher fees.

When she found that she was cheated, her life was basically destroyed.

Her husband divorced her.

Due to hundreds of thousands of debts, her meal money should be controlled within 8 yuan every day.

Even if its boiled water, its going to last a day.

Many times, she wanted to leave.

However, she was not reconciled.

The devil who played her round and round continued to do evil.

Until Chenggong Xue was named and criticized by peoples daily.

Peoples Daily said: its poison, can let a persons family break down, lose the bottom line.

Its shameless, but it still has a market.

This is also the most magical.

Chen Anzhi once sent a word to Ma Yun.

Modesty is the guarantee of continued success.

It was 2005, and Ma Yun is still unknown.

He can only nod his head frequently for the advice of big man.

Now, its been 15 years.

Ma Yun has become a well-known entrepreneur, and Chen Anzhi has become a master of success.

It can be seen that the fate of the two is diametrically opposite.

The former relies on pragmatism and wisdom, while the latter relies on routine.

Since ancient times, routines have won peoples hearts, but they cant bear the baptism of time.

Heaven and hell, a thought of the difference.

And Li Yang, who is Crazy English..

Once, he applied success learning to English teaching.

No one can but be convinced by his strength.

It was he who explained what madness was.

People who have seen his speech laugh and cry with him.

It was as if all things were made for him.

Until a domestic violence ended his madness.

From then on, he became famous.

According to the latest report of Beijing News, Ji Jianjings training institution has a training camp for four days and three nights, with a tuition fee of 10000 yuan.

CEN Yinuo spent 180000 yuan to become a teacher.

Behind the skyrocketing tuition fees, there are many unknown black materials.

On August 1, 2018, an enterprise in which Ji Jianjing participated was fined 500000 yuan and the illegal income was 1.45 million yuan.

The reason for punishment is pyramid selling.

Now 2020, two years have passed since the punishment.

Why do such enterprises still exist? Is there a huge industrial chain behind it?

The only thing we can do is to wake up those ignorant people with the only remaining reason: success study is an illusion, a trick, a poison, a harm to others and oneself, and endless troubles.

Everyone is eager for success, especially the kind of success that takes no effort.

But is it possible?

There is a saying: the way to get money quickly is written in the criminal law.

Even if there is, who would be so stupid to share it with you?

Those who talk about success are often unsuccessful.

For example, 16-year-old Cen Yinuo, such as Chen Anzhi.

However, they boasted of their deeds as myths. But the glittering appearance cant stand any scrutiny.

If you believe it, hell will stretch out its hands and welcome..

Please remember: the sky will not drop pie for no reason, if there is, it is also a trap.

There is no shortcut to success, only one step at a time.

It was, is, and will be.

Author: Ling Yi