Chen Qianqian in the rumor: Han Shuo, how is the ordinary little talent in love refined?

 Chen Qianqian in the rumor: Han Shuo, how is the ordinary little talent in love refined?


From Han Shuos tough attitude towards Chen Qianqian, I can affirm that he is the man with cancer in the hearsay. In addition, it is still the incurable and incurable kind. Its not easy to be single by strength. He didnt even think about how to seduce the second princess Chen ChuChu, and the little Valet was less accomplished than defeated. This is not, Han Shuo was intercepted by Chen Qianqian in the street. Directly wash clean into the moon glass house, which is forced to wait for the bridal chamber? Chen Qianqians mother and child have been single for more than 20 years, but Han Shuo burst out latent energy about love when she met her.


Ordinary love genius, that is not built.

First of all: he knows how to do brain tonic by himself.

Brain tonic, thats the plot of love. We should know that Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo had no feelings. All of a sudden, youre going to get married? This wedding night, in the end who is who can not make clear, that is not a big joke? Although, at that time, there was no real marriage. However, the content of Han Shuos own brain tonic is more moving than the love of life and death.

Second, he knows how to move himself.

Self moved, equivalent to the long-term love of chicken blood.. Love used to be romantic and snowy before, and after that, it was all about cooking oil and salt. If you have to be serious, then love is not lovely. Moreover, from love to cold war at any time, Han Shuos self moved is very unreasonable. But the accident works, what she is drawing me, what small gentle. That smile, sweet.

Finally: he knows self fulfillment.

Chen Qianqian tells Han Shuo about his life experience, and Han Shuo tries to send Chen Qianqian back to the real world. He forced Chen Qianqian to go to the day when the sky falls auspicious, the sun and the moon shine together, the gate of heaven opens, and the splendor fills the sky. Han Shuo knows that her life is coming to an end, but she still has to work hard to complete Chen Qianqian and let her return to the place where she should return. This is self fulfillment, but also mutual fulfillment. There is a kind of love called everlasting love.


See, this is the way of practice of ordinary love genius. It is not easy for Han Shuo to become a beloved wife maniac. In fact, as long as you meet the one who loves you and the one you love, it is estimated that there is no need for any theoretical guidance or other peoples explanation. You, naturally, show your true feelings. Say what she likes to hear. Do what she likes to do. Love genius, no more than that. Unfortunately, in the end, people love themselves more. Therefore, love genius this is not to be met. You must cherish him!