Do you know? In all the scenery, I still like you best

 Do you know? In all the scenery, I still like you best


In the petition, Wei Wuxian and LAN forget Ji finally meet each other 16 years later. It was a brief separation, and LAN even gave up tracking the enemy. Wei Wuxian promised I will appear, and LAN forgetting Ji left. Not long after, Wei Wuxian and LAN forget Ji round. He saw the Han Guang Jun on the bridge, which was even colder than the moonlight. He thought: I always thought that Jiang Cheng would always stand on my side. The blue forgetting machine will stand on the opposite side of us. I didnt expect that everything has turned upside down. What is my scene?


I first came to her blog and someone told me that she was no longer alive. What is the relationship between us? At one time, people thought I was her closest friend. However, this is not the case. Her sense of mystery is stronger than her sense of being. Her sense of alienation, always so close so far. I dont want her to die, so a good woman should have a happy tomorrow. Even if you cant stay with the one you love the most, at least there are those who love her to protect and take care of. Id rather believe that she just found her favorite place to hide.


Then I came to his blog. I can still contact him occasionally because I have his wechat. I dont know how Yichang is now. A while ago, there was information to ask about the situation. After that, there was no response. I guess its busy, the first Bole in my network world. Just met not long ago, he left the blog, left the network. However, his legacy is still there. From time to time, I would look at his words, his views, his thoughts. The road after me was staggering. I hope I wont let him down. Im fine.

Then I went to his blog. If we say, the former is the object of worship. He is the friend I am attached to. He is very naughty. There are three blogs in Sina. The first blog is invalid, the second blog is very private, and the third blog wants to play guess who I am. Writing on the Internet, it is possible to fly in the sky. Its really very careful to make friends on the Internet. Now I am almost totally closed. But at that time, he opened my inner world. Occasionally, he would show up. Tell me: come to see you, Yutong..

Finally, thats Plutos lunatics. Gosh, almost no one is updating. From they are still in the college entrance examination, to they are still studying. Then they graduate, and finally watch them get married and have children. Im like an old man, watching times change and years change. Like angry appearance, helplessly watching, but have no ability to change anything. Tell others, Ive been on the Internet for 14 years! Ha, I suddenly feel so slapped. I havent mixed up yet. Im glad to say. If you have a look at Gu Tianles blog from now on, I still think: go ahead and wait for you to come back to see me.


Do you know? In all the scenery, I still like you best. Although, we may not see each other again