What else can I do to protect you, my child?

 What else can I do to protect you, my child?

On July 6, according to a news report, a parent surnamed Zhang found a yellow related app hidden in the tutor machine bought for her daughter.

This is a third-party app.

Enter the app store of the tutor machine and you will see the recommended download.

As long as it is installed, it can be used in the home teaching machine.

I didnt believe it at first.

How could you be so insane?

But after deep understanding, I found that the horror behind it is far beyond imagination.

Mr. Zhang said that there was nothing wrong with opening the app at first.

It looks like its a general game.

Figure: Network

Later, he found out that there was a dating community in the app.

X implies pictures.

Little yellow.

The content is just terrible!

Also, there are little girls who post LZ on it.

The body looks like its just developing.

After the exposure of the news, it triggered a heated discussion.

Some netizens registered as little girls.

As a result, a lot of men immediately joined her and sent out sex chat invitation as soon as they came up.

Photo: provided by netizens

And this is not a case in point.

In April this year, a childrens game Mini World was also exposed to be involved in pornography.

In the dating area, some people openly released little yellow.

In the dating column, you can see obscene requests everywhere.

Some netizens said that the daughter of relatives is also playing this game.

Once, netizens accidentally found something that shocked heru2014u2014

This little girl is in the room, filming LZ.


Netizens know that is Mini World friends in the request.

Besides, he threatened her not to tell my parents.

The little girl is only five years old!

This is crime!

Before the investigation, I always thought that minors were more likely to suffer from sexual harassment and persecution in reality.

But I found it was a mistake.

In fact, the Internet is the biggest hunting ground.

In the network, everyone can hide behind the nickname, there is no need to show the real face.

Adults cant tell the truth from the false.

Let alone minors?

In the network, there are too many people who are covetous.

They lurk behind the screen, targeting every minor.

An AI team from abroad has done an experiment.

The little girls account was created on various social platforms.

The ending was terrible.

25 seconds.

There was one person who paid attention to her.

The head of the follower is the lower body of a man.

The first minute, seven seconds.

Theres a new piece of news.

The question is, how old are you?

Less than five minutes.

One person turned on the video phone.

When connected, the mans first sentence was: dont be shy.

Almost every second, there are men adding to her.

Send her all sorts of obscene text messages.

She even asked her to shoot LZ, video, chat, and even meet offline.

Among them,

A 28 year old man caught their attention.

Sometimes gentle.

Sometimes rude.

Moreover, they showed a strong willingness to meet.

The team felt strongly that the man was a potential pedophile.

So, they joined hands with the police to arrest them.

The team agreed to meet the man.

The man is in the hotel.

It was the prototype of the little girl, the 37 year old female employee.

As a result, the man didnt notice.

Im always asking for room.

In his mind, there was only one thought: take away the virginity of this little girl.

Even though, he knew she was only 11 years old.

You might think it was intentional.

Because of the accurate calculation of AI, it highlights the danger of minors in online social networking.

But reality is more cruel than experiment.

On yotobe, a video host did a testu2014u2014

Will minors meet strangers?

The results were heartbreaking.

He created a fake account on the social platform.

The process is simple:

1. A fake identity.

2. Some fake photos.

He accosted several children.

They are between 10 and 15 years old.

These kids, theyre all out.

Without exception.

Whether its in a secluded park.

In front of my house.

In a strangers car.

Even in a strangers house.

Even though, parents showed them similar test videos the day before.

The next day, I fell into the same trap.

Even my sister was cheated.

And thats just on record.

At the same time, this is only one countrys data.

Looking around the world, it is difficult to estimate the number of minors who disappear every year.

Another part, because of a moment of curiosity, made an appointment with netizens.

Finally, they were abducted by netizens, disappeared in the original family, fell into endless hell.

What fate will minors suffer when they are abducted?

In Baidu, search related keywords, see the case, will let your back cool.

Sexually assaulted, almost standard.

April 2020.

Although the meeting place was about near the training class, she was still dragged to the underground parking lot by netizens, who forcibly violated her.

Photo: Beijing Youth Daily

Criminals may take other people with them.

July 2013.

Xiaomin, 15, and netizens meet in a small square in the village.

They sexually assaulted Xiaomin in turn, which lasted more than an hour.

Fortunately, several men finally left.

All over the body is injured, lower body bleeding Xiaomin, finally climbed home.

Figure: China Singapore network

You can also be imprisoned.

Xiao Jing, 13, ran away from home to meet her netizens after quarreling with her parents.

As a result, netizens confiscated all her money and mobile phone.

Keep her at home.

Eleven days later, Xiaojing took advantage of her netizens sleep and sent a text message to her friend for help.

It may even be sold online as goods.

In the documentary Im the nameless girl, Coopers 13-year-old daughter, Emma, disappears after meeting netizens.

After 270 days of searching, Kubi finally found her daughter.

After successfully rescuing Emma, she told her inhuman experience.


The hair was shaved.

Even, he was shot by a gun.

Photo: I am the nameless girl

In order to control her, the traffickers injected her with drugs.

Just 270 days.

Emma is quite different.

She has to fight drug addiction all her life and live in the haze.

In the course of the investigation, I had a question:

Why are these children being cheated?

Parents had crisis education.

We often see similar cases.

Even, it happened around.

But no matter how many lessons they have heard, they seem to be hard to resist the temptation of strangers.

Later, I found the answer.

In many cases, minors will go to see netizens under the same opportunity:

That is, the tension with parents.

Adolescent children, the mind is very delicate.

They dont have perfect communication ability and mature emotion processing mechanism.

Therefore, once you encounter setbacks in reality, you may fall into the vortex of negative energy.

At this point, netizens can give them comfort.

This comfort is sometimes dangerous.

Because, the child can never know whether the person on the screen is true or false, is a God or a ghost, and what the purpose is.

On the other hand, an uncensored network environment is an accomplice.

In this advertisement, there is a strange word fresh and tender.

She thought of minors helping each other.

Not allowed by law.

But on this website, there are a lot of similar advertisements.

Neither has been deleted.

Not to be punished.

Cubby was shocked.

She used to sell sofas, televisions and video games on this website.

But never found, can still buy and sell fresh people.

Now, the Yellow related app at the beginning of the article has been taken off the shelves.

But can similar incidents be eliminated?

Im afraid not.

If, network supervision is still not in place.

Relevant laws and regulations can not be improved.

The consequences will be very bad.

Let minors completely leave the network, is not realistic.

What we can do is normalize the virtual environment.

When a childs screen is connected to reality.

When the nickname is connected to a real person.

When cyber crime is a real crime.


Then the criminal will be restrained.

Only minors can get the maximum protection.

Author: there are duck eggs