Media comments on the case of missing women in Hangzhou

 Media comments on the case of missing women in Hangzhou

Hangzhou polices detection of the case benefited from the strong and close combination of manpower and technology. At the briefing, when introducing the detection process, the police specially mentioned the intelligent police system. The so-called smart police system is a set of city brain police operation system, which focuses on video monitoring system, takes data fusion and sharing as the core, and takes the comprehensive coordination mechanism as the guarantee, so as to provide strong support for relevant departments to carry out comprehensive urban management services.

It is relying on this system that the local police find out the direction of case detection. Only when the scope of investigation is minimized and the scope of investigation is minimized, can the local police really achieve the goal of digging three feet, achieving a key breakthrough and concentrating the most intensive force to solve the difficult cases.

It is worth mentioning that although criminal investigation technology has made great progress, there is still a lot of work to be done by front-line investigators. The details of handling the case, which was mentioned in the news conference of Hangzhou police, wash the fecal water of 38 vehicles to find out human tissues, attracted public attention. This detail not only reflects Xus murderous methods, but also reflects the Hangzhou polices great efforts and energy in solving the case, which shows his determination to solve the case.

At the news conference, Hangzhou police specifically clarified some rumors that had been spread on the Internet before, and cracked down on many rumors such as Xu is a retired scout, Xu is a property worker in the community, who uses the advantage of being familiar with community monitoring to escape monitoring and Xu uses the vacant room on the partition wall to separate corpses, and so on.

As a matter of fact, as early as 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued the public security organ law enforcement regulations, which clearly requires that the public security organ should disclose to the public the investigation progress and processing results of major cases involving public interests and high social concern, as well as the major decision-making of the public security organ to crack down on illegal and criminal activities.

After the disappearance case, the public opinion was warmly watched, which obviously belongs to the major case event of great concern to the society. Therefore, Hangzhou police held a press conference to comprehensively and carefully introduce the case, which conforms to the provisions and requirements of the Ministry of public security. It is also of positive significance to eliminate public doubts and social panic.

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