The goddess Chen Jianying is coming! Teach you 0 basic play live with goods!

 The goddess Chen Jianying is coming! Teach you 0 basic play live with goods!


How to be an attractive and warm anchor?

As a simple person, how can Xiaobai learn to live broadcast quickly?

How can we lock the fans so that they can bring goods to live broadcast smoothly?

If you want to be the king of live delivery, you must know her

Chen Jianying

Peoples Daily Times idol

As a successful woman, her name has been followed by a series of beautiful and legendary suffixes:

Famous Internet information Blogger

Expert of E-commerce Research Institute of Guangzhou University

Founder of Guangdong Zhongdao Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Director, new media research center, Guangdong Modern Mobile Internet Research Institute

Entrepreneurial consultant expert of rural e-commerce research center of Guangdong decision-making consulting base

Chen Jianying has been deeply engaged in the Internet industry for 17 years since he started his business. She was influenced by the culture of Ningdus Wen Xiang. She not only accumulated many years of experience in Internet entrepreneurship, but also published her works on deciphering community fans, Internet plus big data, VR strategy: from virtual to reality business revolution, net red economy 3, and controlling micro force. Share his unique insights and experiences on the Internet industry with readers. The research theory, market application, practical experience and trend development of the Internet in the book make the traditional enterprises and makers shine in front of them.

As a senior expert in the Internet industry and e-commerce industry, he has a relatively in-depth study on network new media operation and Internet transformation of traditional enterprises, and has rich experience in mobile Internet, especially in micro marketing, we media operation, live broadcast operation and online celebrity creation.

In the industry has a high visibility, is the elite in the IT industry, its unique views on the Internet industry by the majority of customers and industry leaders highly recognized and supported. Is called the goddess of the Internet!

Now, as an online celebrity entrepreneur, she will guide and share valuable experience for all entrepreneurs full of dreams and hopes.

With the development of Internet technology, Internet celebrities have emerged as the times require. Chen Jianying introduced that compared with traditional media and mobile Internet, mobile Internet has greater influence, wider communication range and stronger star making ability. Through the live broadcast platform, anyone can become an Internet celebrity, which also brings a broad market.

Throughout the arrival of 5g, the live broadcasting industry will usher in a dividend period, and the most important thing is to be professional based, so as to obtain the support point of customer respect and support, and love is the spiritual source of persistence. Only if you really love it and devote yourself to the host of live broadcast, will we go further and further in the future.