A smile every day

 A smile every day

This day, when Zhang Gen came home from work, Liu Xia asked with a smile, husband, I heard that you have a friend who does physiotherapy and massage? Zhang Gen replied, its Ma Jin. Hes a good craftsman. Whats the matter with you

Considering, Liu Xia said, Im not comfortable. Every day you come home, which time is not tired? I thought, if I learned physical therapy and massage, Ill give you a press here and a pressure there, wont it be easy?

Zhang Gen moved to say: or wife treat me well, you can rest assured, tomorrow I will tell Ma Jin.

The next day, Zhang Gen told Ma Jin that Liu Xia wanted to learn physical therapy and massage. Ma Jin agreed without saying a word. Therefore, Liu Xia used her spare time to learn from Ma Jin. Not long ago, what meridians, acupoints, techniques, Liu Xia learned a 8899.

That day, Ma Jin said with a smile, sister-in-law, learning this level, its more than enough to serve my elder brother. To tell you the truth, its really a blessing that youve been cultivated for eight generations.

Liu Xia smiles and doesnt speak.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Gen said: its not bad. Its all your good deeds.

Ma Jin was surprised and asked, whats the matter?

Zhang Gen said, whats wrong? She has an ulterior motive to learn from you. Since she learned your hand, she has grasped my acupoints one by one, which makes me dare not even move.