Jin Shas self cultivation as a past female artist

 Jin Shas self cultivation as a past female artist

Its just a bunch of names.

For example, Jin Chens front somersault kick

In the mood for love, which was once rejected as unsuitable for this stage, surprised the audience

Everyone wants to win, and they dont want to go.

But rather than fighting for a place to become a monk, I think quiet words are the real voice of many sisters.

But this time, Jinsha, the sister of Renmei song Tian, who many people think is very womens group in all aspectsu2014u2014

Its a shame.

In the rainbow beat, the middle fan fell off twice, not without holding it, but at the waist.

And the fan is an important prop in the back, you cant help picking it up. When the fan fell off for the first time, she just stood in position C, so there was such an embarrassing scene.

I have to say, Sasakis facial expression management ability is first-class, and she still keeps a sweet smile on the stage and makes an endingpose

As a result, she cried until she stopped.

First, they feel that their mistakes will affect the performance of the whole group;

Second, she has been waiting for this opportunity for too long.

The elder sister is a very good and rare opportunity for her.

This program also let her feel the favor of fate again after years of passing away.

She said on her microblog that when the fan jumped out of her waist pocket, something in her heart went out.

It seems that the more you want to hold on, the more you want to slip away.

Many people cant help but sigh. It was 18 years ago that this girl with sweet appearance and voice walked into the public view for the first time.

01 uff5c coming out is the peak

On day up, Zhang Wei said that she could be regarded as the first love face in the Internet age.

Later, she was selected by sea butterfly records to be the heroine of Adu MV, and then became the signing singer of sea butterfly.

She became the younger martial sister of Adu and Lin Junjie.

He signed the contract in 2003 and released his first album air in 2005.

The summer blown by the wind, which was CO produced with Lin Junjie, won the top 10 Golden Melody Award in the mainland of Southeast China pop music list.

In 2010, she played the role of Lu Su in the ancient costume TV drama myth, and wrote and sang the episode star moon myth for her, which has become the white moon in many peoples hearts.

As a result, Jinsha is now labeled with a label that is hard to tear off, the beginning is the peak..

Its not nice to say, but the fact is there. In her words, after 2010, she encountered a cliff of opportunity..

Jinsha candidly replied that it was about 2014 and 2015.

Because fewer and fewer people know themselves when they go out, and there is no good work to find.

Some of the scripts she found are not very logical. Sometimes she even thinks: can this kind of script also attract investment?

Dont look for what you like, and dont like what you find.

For a time, Jinsha was silent to find no one..

What to do if you dont want to?

She went to the training of vocal music and performance by herself, collecting songs, writing songs, and nothing stopped.

Those days when there was no sense of being, she had been quietly improving herself, growing up quietly, and then waiting for the opportunity to come.

02 will opportunities really come

She is strict with herself. She needs a lot of money. Where does the money come from?

Commercial performance.

She took on a lot of business performances.

She laughs at herself, so many commercial performances are basically singing her masterpiece three piecesu2014u2014

The myth of the stars and the moon, the summer blown by the wind, and the magic of love.

Always singing the same song, without a good stage, and being portrayed by the media as Jinsha reduced to this point, do you feel uncomfortable?

Of course.

She also had inferiority complex for this, but later she adjusted her own mentality, which was her legitimate income obtained by her own labor, and there was nothing to be abased.

There are eight to ten commercial performances a month. In December of the peak season, there are more than 20 performances. She is in one place in the morning, one place in the noon, and one place in the evening.

But its the way she makes money with a clear conscience.

If I go to film, pick up and act randomly, it will hurt me a lot.

Shes awake, but sometimes shes confused.

She likes the stage, the beautiful stage, the selfless state on the stage, the cheers of the audience and the adrenaline surge.

But as time goes by, her age is also growing, and her state is changing. Sometimes she will be anxious, confused, have doubts, and not sure whether she will really wait for the opportunity.

But most of the time, she would secretly give herself a boost, work harder, you can do what you want to do, go to a better stage..

If you give me a chance, Ill hold on to it.

The sweet sister in everyones eyes seems to have the tenacity and courage inconsistent with the appearance.

03 I dare to use past life because I have hope for the future

If only one word can be used to describe Jinsha, I think it is not sweet, but stubborn.

Her stubbornness is not only reflected in her work, but also in her feelings.

Because of sister Lang, we all know that Jinsha, 37, is single and has not been in love for three years.

This time, several younger sisters in the same group were all worried about her life. They thought that such a good girl must find a good boyfriend.

Zhang Yuqi, an activist, has already pulled up the group.

Yi Nengjing, who is good at expression, also came to chat for teaching.

On Jinshas microblog, there are traces of hating marriage everywhere.

She analyzed herself. The reason why she was still single was that she was too homesick and didnt go out. The first thing she saw was a courier, and the second one was a delivery man.

Second, because the requirements are too high, a piece of A4 paper can not be completed.

Shes looking for a soul mate.

Many people say that love will always become family affection, and family relationship can last for a long time. She respects this idea, but does not accept it.

Because she felt that she did not lack family affection, and did not want to turn love into affection.

She is a love brain. Without love, it is difficult for her to sing love songs. She describes herself without love as a fish on the beach.

There are also people who coax, said you and who who is very Deng, ah, it is better to be together.

No wonder you said: single people.

Without love, you can not. But if you want something, you cant compromise.

In reality, there is no suitable person, she would rather go and chat with the virtual characters in the game.

She was afraid of the call from home, but she still did not compromise.

Hate to marry is because she yearns for love.

It doesnt mean that she will grasp a feeling of accommodation.

She said: my happiness is not to say that you, an older young woman, have finally married out. Whether you are a husband or a child, you are successful. I dont approve of it. I care more about my own happiness and happiness. I dont want to be an ordinary person.

In addition to stubborn, she has truth.

Asked, do you want to turn red?

She said: of course.

And frankly admitted that a series of actions such as self mockery and self blackmail in Weibo are all regarded as a kind of bedding, a kind of preparation, struggle and effort for turning red.

She called herself little aunt on Weibo, called herself past female artist, played with peduncle, and her fans called Shadiao.

Fans left a message to her saying that her hair was like a little Nezha, and she would reply to her below: Vajra Sabi.

She said that since she dared to use past life, it was because she still had hope for the future.

I hope I dont go to the entertainment industry for nothing in my career.

Because she really likes singing and filming. If she doesnt do something, or if shes always eating her money, shell feel like shes done the job for nothing.

But for so many years, she still does not want to compromise with the ordinary and ordinary life.

I still want to live an extraordinary life.

Theres no need for everyone to approve of my life and my choices.

She is still eager to be seen.

Like before, she wanted people to see that she could write songs in addition to singing.

But the song that oneself writes, turn in again and again, return again and again.

So she used her trumpet to praise herself by leaving messages on her microblog.

As a result, the microblog was upgraded, there was a bug, and her waistcoat was lost. If she praised herself, she was so naked.

She left a message on her microblog: I love you so much. We all love you.

As she said, self denial is the biggest harm to yourself.

She accepted her own not to be recognized, not to be seen, to accept her past.

But she didnt give up on herself.

The sea pushed her to the top of the waves and beat her down again.

She chose to build herself an iron boat and move on.

The entertainment industry is good, so are many things in life. If you dont ride the wind and waves, its hard to hold on to the end.

In those nameless days, she chose to cultivate herself and move forward.

Although Sangong was eliminated, I heard that she had been voted back by fans.


Note: the pictures of this article are from the programs such as sister riding the wind and waves, day up, the elder sisters official blog, Jinsha microblog, Douban and the Internet.