Be harassed by lustful boss, what should I do?

 Be harassed by lustful boss, what should I do?

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Beauty for help:

Brother, the boss likes to make moves on female subordinates. Do I want to leave?

The boss asked me to talk to me alone. During the conversation, he sat next to me with his hand on my shoulder,

I was wearing a one line skirt, and his hand was on my shoulder, and his fingers were still moving,

Later, when the colleague came back to handle the resignation procedures, she told me that the reason for her resignation was that the boss had been using her more than once.

Another colleague also said that the boss always told her about his private life and touched her shortly after she came to the company.

But the most important thing is that when we talked about this, we accidentally saw that the colleague who left the company seemed to have secretly recorded the phone.

The other is that the colleague who is afraid of leaving will betray us and give our recording to the company for his own benefit.

Im worried about whether it will affect me to leave my post in the future?


What you said is the truth. You are not afraid of the shadow. Moreover, the boss is more afraid of spreading this kind of thing than you.

So even if the colleague actually recorded, there is no need to be afraid of anything. After all, you are the one who is harassed.

Is it hard for the state to stipulate that it is a duty to be harassed by the boss when going to work in a company? Thats ridiculous.

Its to be used as a chip to deal with situations like when the boss doesnt give her a replacement salary.

On the other hand, a boss who wants to harass his employees as a whole has no mind on the development of the company?

Dishonest boss, in such a company for a long time, it is inevitable to meet many boss want to force you involuntarily things.

So, you want to have a good development in such a company,

Or you have to be able to get to the point where the boss is always afraid youre going to leave,

Finally, you dont have to worry about the impact on your future career if your boss knows youre talking about it in private.

You have to be clear, no matter which company you go to, if the boss or boss of that company wont hire you because you dont want to be harassed.

If you dont go to a company like this, you can stay here.

Because the employees create benefits for him, he may go out to spend time and drink, but he will never only think about being unfaithful to employees.

If the next time you encounter a situation where your boss is careless about you, dont be so nervous,

Be confident and tell the boss that you are uncomfortable. Please take care of yourself.

In short, there is no need to point out that wages, and wronged by the boss to take advantage of themselves, the position should be firm or have courage to be strong.