make fun of? Musk tweet: we will have a coup whoever we want

 make fun of? Musk tweet: we will have a coup whoever we want

Russia today (RT) reported on the 25th that musk used provocative remarks in his push on the 24th. He seems to be making such a point that he does not oppose regime change for the sake of the company. The statement immediately triggered a storm on twitter. Although some people think musk is joking, there are also some netizens who are dissatisfied.

RT reports: we want a coup who will be a coup -- Elon Musks ridicule of overthrowing Bolivian (former president) Morales sparked online controversy

Heres the thing. On the 24th local time, musk first criticized a government stimulus bill designed to help boost Americas faltering economy, saying it was not in the best interests of the people.

Do you know what is not in the best interests of the people? The U.S. government organized a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia, so you can get lithium from there. A kind of

RT commented that Musks comments on the coup detat caused a lot of news on twitter, and some netizens were disappointed with his remarks. A kind of

Maybe your twitter account was hacked? I cant believe you wrote something like that. When it comes to pain and slaughter, even a joke is not appropriate. What a disappointment.

Wow! Under the leadership of the current government, American arrogance has begun to swell. Im old enough to remember the times when America was respected, but Im just sorry these days. It is hoped that decent American citizens will find their country in November.

Although the netizens of musk think that his bad taste is not a joke. A kind of

I know youre joking, but its really bad. When a US backed military coup occurs, innocent people are implicated and injured. And you take that pain lightly.

Around November last year, the Bolivian opposition accused the Morales camp of cheating in the October election, refused to recognize the election results and demanded a re election. Supporters and opponents of Morales have been rallying in the streets for weeks and clashes have erupted. On November 10, Morales announced in a television address that he had decided to resign in order to restore peace and stability to the domestic situation. Several South American leaders and politicians expressed their support for Morales, believing that there was a coup detat in Bolivia. However, jenina Agnes, the leader of the interim government elected by the opposition, has been recognized by some countries, including the United States.

According to RT, in the same month, Bolivia canceled a large lithium project cooperation with German company acisystems alemania (acisa). Although Tesla does buy lithium from Australia, it is also said to be one of the customers of German company acisa.