Chen Qianqian in the rumor: how difficult is it to love people who are not in the same world?

 Chen Qianqian in the rumor: how difficult is it to love people who are not in the same world?

The truth is, it is. Not the same world is too broad.

Third, there are differences in the world outlook of the two people.

If we say that the first and the second are different, that is the objective reason. Now the third difference is that it belongs to subjective ideas. No matter the couple or husband and wife, although it is not necessary to the husband sing with the woman or the woman sing with the husband. At least, they have a common understanding of many things. Only in this way can we move in a more consistent direction. The boat of love will not turn over and turn over, and we can work together to go to the other side of happiness. However, it is troublesome to have divergent world views.


Sorry, Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo in the rumored Chen Qianqian are not from the same world. If Chen Qianqian didnt need to find a way to survive, he needed han to be able to get along with himself peacefully - Im afraid, the two people would have been in chaos for a long time. Who died and who lived? Its really not clear. People who are not in the same world must be together. It is conceivable that suffering is heavy. Yes, its not just difficulty but suffering. If you look at Han Shuo who has been beaten to death by Chen Qianqian, you will know that the so-called sweet pet is also very abusive.


Finally, Chen Qianqian returned from ancient times to modern times. And how did Han Yingdi, who was involved in the accident, merge with Han Shuo? This is beyond what science can explain. In a word, we have to go through such life and death to be together. No wonder orange students were so moved that they could all be together - not easy, not easy. After giving up, there can be such an end. Well, love is worth it!