Thirty only: what kind of unmarried people are there? In fact, he doesnt love you that much

 Thirty only: what kind of unmarried people are there? In fact, he doesnt love you that much


Then its really a bit miserable. Its not true that all women in the thirties have such strong feelings. Others came to the high luxury store and bought a lot of gifts for themselves - moved. Other people say a few good words for you, support for you - you are also moved. After that, you are told a hotel name and a room number. You have to ask for leave at work, so you rush over and give yourself up? I dont think such an affair is reliable. And look at the man in front of you. God, hes a greasy man. You think hell love you?


Wang mani has been working hard in Shanghai for some years. At this moment, she releases excessive estrogen. Of course, the man named Liang Zhengxian knows how to use her hormones (including his own). After intimate physical contact, Wang mani seems to want to open up. You cant marry two people anyway. Whats more, Liang Zhengxian said clearly, and Wang mani understood: I think we are in a relationship of male and female friends. I want to make it clear to you first. Im not going to get married. Im an unmarried man. Why dont you say that before you roll the sheets?


Thats funny. Do you have one? But Wang Mani, who has been thoroughly brainwashed, is still moved by herself. Gu Jia has to wake her up with a stick: Liang Zhengxian says that marriage is an economic contract, but he doesnt even sign the contract. How can you guarantee that he wont get married in his whole life? Do you spend it with him? Wang mani is very contradictory. She doesnt like Liang Zhengxians money. But she has been foolishly into the emotional, the other side said not to marry - she, more or less some mind. Even if the reason put forward by the other party is so impressive, it must not be the life plan set by Wang mani before.


In my opinion: there is no unmarried person in the world. In fact, he doesnt love you enough. If he really loves you, marrying you home is his greatest fortune and the most wanted thing in his life. Dont want to get married, to some extent, is no responsibility. Love and responsibility complement each other. You like to be relaxed, like to be at ease, like to be together, and when you dont like it, you can say goodbye? Love that woman, how to give up her grievances? How to give up the fact that she doesnt deserve to be with you. Even Jiang ting in breaking clouds says that he is Yan Jis accompanying family members.


It turns out: This unmarried man is a scum, he has a fiancee and his girlfriends all over the world. See how he justifies himself by saying, you are not completely open to me, or you are always on guard. But I have time to warm you up with my heart. Im afraid that once the relationship is established, you will have expectations. I decided long ago that I would not marry in order to pursue a more pure relationship. People should not love for the sake of the system. Can we get married forever? Please, serious nonsense.

A lot of women who accept the opposite partys unmarried doctrine, please sober up. In fact, he doesnt love you so much