Baiwei stock students: take a swim in the sea and go ashore to see the floating profit and loss!

 Baiwei stock students: take a swim in the sea and go ashore to see the floating profit and loss!

A swim makes the stock green

Source: screenshot of securities account provided by Mr. Bao

Mr. Jiang of 90 years opened a securities account in early July under the advice of his friends, and began a novices A-share journey. As a new investor in the stock market for the first time, Mr. Jiang is very fresh about everything in the stock market.

After I started to speculate in stocks, I realized that so many companies related to me had already been listed. For example, I have never thought that a duck neck seller can be listed on the stock market, and its also an eye opener in the capital market. Mr. Jiang said.

Due to his initial involvement in the stock market, Mr. Jiang is still in the exploratory stage. He basically chooses three or four stocks that his friends recommend as reliable stocks to buy. This week the market is more turbulent, I tasted the first limit board in my life, but also experienced the state of full green securities accounts, which is really exciting.

Source: screenshot of Mr. Jiang chatting with his friends

Focus on participation

Ms. Liu has been speculating in stocks for two years, but Ms. Liu is a relatively Buddhist shareholder. This week, the stock market ups and downs, Miss Liu is still. My securities account is less than 10000 yuan in total. I usually take 3-4 stocks and buy more than 2000 yuan for one share. The rise will not go anywhere and the price will not drop much.

Miss Liu currently holds four stocks, some floating profits and some floating losses. I focus on participating in the stock market. Sometimes I dont look at the account for a few days. Miss Liu said frankly.

Not moving like a mountain

Mr. Qian is a 10-year-old shareholder. Facing the monkey market of A-share this week, Mr. Qian is calm and belongs to the type of the wind and rain does not move and the mountain is as stable as a mountain.

Mr. Qian told Mr. Zhongzheng that his shareholding rarely changed. I may be a so-called value investor who doesnt chase the market. Its easy to lose money by chasing up and down, so I always take a long time to select stocks and then hold them firmly.

At present, Mr. Qian holds three stocks, one of which is held for two years, one for half a year, and the other is a recent purchase. The two stocks I have held for a long time are both profitable. The one I bought recently is in a loss state, but I bought it because I like its track is good, the companys fundamentals are also good, and PE is not high. Although the current loss, but I believe it will rise in the future Mr. Qian said.

Source: screenshot of securities account provided by Mr. Qian

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