The response of master of the four strong men with a brush after the strange cry: its an ironic performance

 The response of master of the four strong men with a brush after the strange cry: its an ironic performance

Event review

According to surging news and other media reports on the 24th, a video of a martial arts master putting down four strong men with a brush and a strange cry has aroused heated discussion on social networks. On July 19, Shandong Linyi Martial Arts Association, where the video content was displayed, issued a response saying that the relevant events were held in violation of the regulations, and the relevant departments had intervened in the investigation.

It is understood that the content of the video is one of the Yimeng legendary martial arts challenge arena competition held on the evening of July 17. The name of the brush wielding person is he Weiyue.

The day before, the events organizers posted a promotional film by he Weiyue on social media.

He Weiyue announced in the propaganda film that he would bring wonderful martial arts performances to the audience, especially martial arts fans.

He Weiyue, wearing a white robe, easily defeated the four strong men who besieged him in a white robe with a brush in his hand during the match on the evening of the 17th, according to a video broadcast on the Internet.

After the video attracted attention, some netizens who claimed to be on-site audience sent an article saying that the content of the video display was not the official competition of the event, but a performance link, and the organizers intended to satirize the fake masters who were attracted by hype through performance.

In this regard, other netizens left a message saying that this is to borrow the name of satire and stir up speculation!

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On the challenge arena, the master put down four strong men with a brush. Official response: violation (source: video synthesis)

On June 2, the above-mentioned two departments jointly issued a document, requiring the participating units and individuals of martial arts fighting events to seriously study the guide to doing things and competition guide, etc., and organize and participate in the competition legally, safely and normally according to the requirements.

On July 8, the China Wushu Association released the proposal on strengthening industry self-discipline and promoting martial arts culture on its official website, emphasizing that Wushu people should carry forward the socialist core values, improve their martial ethics, abide by professional ethics, strengthen their physical fitness scientifically and transmit positive energy.

The proposal emphasizes that we must not create boxing or sects at will. We should respect each other and communicate sincerely. We must not maliciously attack and discriminate against each other. Wushu fans should evaluate Wushu level according to the Chinese martial arts Duan system, and resolutely put an end to the title of master, leader, orthodox and personal!

The proposal supports martial arts practitioners to participate in martial arts competitions and exchanges, but can not participate in non-standard events regardless of project, gender, age, weight level, etc! Martial arts practitioners are strictly prohibited from collecting money in the name of apprenticeship and birthday celebration and other illegal activities such as malicious speculation to defraud money.

Therefore, Linyi Wushu Association said in the statement that the so-called Yimeng legendary martial arts arena competition has caused adverse social impact and seriously damaged the social reputation of Linyi martial arts circles and Yimeng old revolutionary base areas. The Association strongly condemns and firmly opposes this.

The statement also revealed that Linyi City / district sports, public security, market supervision and other departments and the Linyi martial arts association have formed a group to find out the organizers of the event for interview and carry out more in-depth investigation, which will be dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations.

Screenshot of declaration (part)

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