Hangzhou womens missing case is solved is a public security conference with a lot of information

 Hangzhou womens missing case is solved is a public security conference with a lot of information

1u3001 Xu has been detained for intentional homicide

In the evening of July 23, the Public Security Bureau of Jianggan District in Hangzhou issued a notice that Xu, her husband, had been confirmed to be suspected of committing a major crime. Now the boots have finally fallen.

From the police notice, Xu is not only suspected of intentional homicide, but also premeditated. According to public reports, although the two married for two years, they had been married for many years and had a daughter. What kind of contradiction can lead Xu to commit such a heinous crime remains to be further investigated and disclosed. However, such a cruel act challenges the social bottom line, and it will be a fair judgment of the law waiting for him.

Before that, the picture of Xu, a criminal suspect, who has been interviewed by the media for many times, has been widely circulated on the Internet. With the publication of the case, his calm face to the camera has also surprised the public opinion: what kind of cruel humanity can make him act so calmly and disguised after he has committed great crimes?

However, just this morning, we also saw the video of Xu being arrested in handcuffs and fetters.

This picture is undoubtedly a powerful counterattack to his calm interview before this, and it is also a vivid lesson of Law Popularization: the shadow of evil may expand for a time, but in front of the light of justice, it will eventually be pierced.

2u3001 Hangzhou intelligent police system plays a key role in case detection

At the briefing, when the police introduced the detection process, the term intelligent police system mentioned by the police attracted public attention.

The so-called smart police system is a set of city brain police operation system, which focuses on video monitoring system, takes data fusion and sharing as the core, and takes comprehensive coordination mechanism as guarantee. This system can provide strong support for related departments to carry out comprehensive urban management services.

It is relying on the city brain police operation system that the local police made it clear that the missing woman and her little daughter took the unit building elevator home at 17:04 on July 4, and did not leave the community building again. This laid the tone and pointed out the direction for the detection of the case.

Since then, the local police have transferred 6000 hours of monitoring video of relevant places since July, which is divided into time periods, points and objects, and 24-hour coupling and grouping, repeatedly checking and cross checking.

At the same time, the local government also organized 100 police forces to visit and inquire about the relationship among family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and friends. After all possibilities were ruled out, the investigation focused again on the septic tank in the corridor.

In a word: under the precise combination of manpower and technology, the local police have really achieved the goal of digging three feet, achieving a key breakthrough and concentrating the most intensive force to crack down on cases.

Through public search, we can see that in recent years, Hangzhou has taken the opportunity of the G20 summit in 2016 to build a smart police system, which is in the forefront of the country. Now, this police system has made great contributions to the detection of this strange missing case.

3u3001 Its not easy for the police to wash the fecal water of 38 cars

Behind a series of data is the hard work and meticulous decision-making of the investigators in this period of time.

Although science and technology are advanced, there is still a lot of work to be done by front-line investigators. After the news conference of Hangzhou police, the details of handling the case of washing 38 vehicles of fecal water to find out human tissues aroused strong public concern. This detail not only reflects Xus murderous methods, but also reflects the Hangzhou polices great efforts and energy in solving the case, which shows his determination to solve the case.

From the pictures exposed in recent days, it can be seen that some investigators need to work in the open air. It is hard to stop the high temperature in the South and the workload of the case is so large. It can be seen that the Hangzhou police are highly professional, and this kind of bottom-up investigation is admirable.

With this highly responsible spirit of detection and the assistance of high technology, even the most calm and cunning criminal suspects will not be able to fly.

4u3001 A large amount of information news conference responded to the concerns of public opinion

What is more noteworthy is that at the news briefing, the local police also clarified some rumors:

Xu is a retired Scout? Fake!

Xu is a community property staff, using the advantages of familiar with community monitoring to escape monitoring? Fake!

Xu used the vacant room next door to separate the corpse? Fake!

It is undeniable that because of the horror of the case, and the calm interview of the suspect, it also deviated from the pace of public opinion to a certain extent. This bizarre case of disappearance has been hot for many days, with rumors flying all over the place.

As a matter of fact, as early as 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued the public security organ law enforcement regulations, which clearly requires that the public security organ should disclose to the public the investigation progress and processing results of major cases involving public interests and high social concern, as well as the major decision-making of the public security organ to crack down on illegal and criminal activities.

After the disappearance case, the public opinion was warmly watched, which obviously belongs to the major case event of great concern to the society. Hangzhou police held a press conference to comprehensively and carefully introduce the case, which is in line with the provisions and requirements of the Ministry of public security. It is also of positive significance to eliminate public doubts and social panic in time.

All in all, it was a news conference with a lot of information. For such a widely concerned criminal case, we should respond to the publics demand for information with comprehensive and detailed content, and meet the publics right to know. In essence, this is also the proper meaning of objective and fair law enforcement.