Xian Planning Bureau half price buyers: too reasonable, I am so happy.

 Xian Planning Bureau half price buyers: too reasonable, I am so happy.

Developers say that the Planning Bureaus 4500 yuan purchase is reasonable: I am so happy that the Planning Bureau buys houses at a low price.

Today, China Business Network Xian City Planning Bureau 191 sets of group purchase - Dayan Pagoda near the average price of 4,495 yuan / square meter published after a violent response. At 13:25 p.m., the Xian discipline inspection and supervision committee official micro-blog also issued a message: a special investigation group has been set up to intervene in the investigation, according to the investigation, the timely release of the information.

The incident revealed that the two phase of Changqing Fang was sold to the Xian Planning Bureau 191 sets of houses with an average of 4495 yuan / sq m, which is far lower than the price of the surrounding residential quarters, and also lower than the price of the security room in Qujiang in 2016. It is reasonable to sell this price to the developer of the Planning Bureau, but the developer said in a media interview today, Im so happy that I can sell that price (4495 yuan / sq m) and Ill make money. And why is that?

This afternoon, Xian television station reporters rushed to the facilities, but found that the whole community is still the appearance of the construction site, because the developer capital chain of the problem building has stopped. And the various facilities of the community are not complete, water and wire have not been installed, natural gas, heating, fire and other facilities are not in place.

According to the people in the community, the more than 220 owners in the residential area are the group purchase of the Xian Planning Bureau. In order to be able to complete the group purchase at an early date, they are able to save and raise funds to build a supporting construction. The other side claimed that the Planning Bureau was also a victim. The Planning Bureau wanted to make some welfare for the staff and workers. The result was that the developer had made this thing. Now the planning bureau is also concentrating on the preparation of funds.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Cai Tingqun, general manager of the project developer, who said he did not think the price of the group buying house was a problem. And said that at that time (2012), 4000 (per square meter) can not be sold out, the planning bureau is 4500 to buy too reasonable, can be sold at that price has already made money. Cai also said that he will return to Xian as soon as possible to deal with subsequent matters, and will cooperate with relevant investigations.

The source of this article is: Hua Shang Net - the editor in charge of China Business Daily: Ji Xue Ying _NN6784