Insider: the suspect in the wife killing case threatened his ex-wife not to agree to divorce

 Insider: the suspect in the wife killing case threatened his ex-wife not to agree to divorce

Mysterious disappearances under surveillance

Sanbao Beiyuan community is a place full of lively life. The main road at the front gate of the community is open. There are many grocery stores, fruit and vegetable shops and express delivery points with large flow of people. There is also a 24-hour coffee shop on the opposite side of the community. There are a lot of new buildings under construction in the surrounding area. These buildings are relocation houses, and security guards are on duty at each construction site.

Photo by Wu Shubin

In addition, Sanbao Beiyuan district is still a Zhian district, which is a result of many explorations and experiments on community security in Hangzhou City in recent years. The residential area is full of digital high-definition cameras. The original monitoring camera captured the vehicles driving at night, but the license plate can not be seen clearly after zooming in, but the new camera can usually see clearly from 10 meters away. There are nearly 96 closed-loop monitoring in the North District, and there are almost no internal monitoring in the North District. There are 6 buildings in the community, with 1075 people in 379 households and 179 people in 69 households. At the same time, the underground parking floors of all buildings in the community are open.

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The last person to see the lady was her husband Xu. He said that he and Ms. Lai had a rest after watching TV at 10:00 p.m. on the 4th. At about 0:30 a.m. on the 5th, his wife was still in bed when he went to the toilet, but when he got up again at 5:00 a.m. on the 5th, Lai lady disappeared. Facing the reporters interview lens, he said firmly: his wife cant leave the community alone, a person she cant go out, according to her IQ.

A screenshot of Xus interview with the media

At 5:00 a.m., he disappeared from the bed, and there was no figure in the monitoring. The husband who made a decision with words The disappearance has become a real version of the secret room case, and the clues like detective stories have caused a nationwide wave of investigation on the Internet.

A carpet search was launched in Sanbao Beiyuan community. The police have transferred 6000 hours of monitoring video of the community since July, repeatedly checking and cross checking. At 17:04 on July 4, the missing woman and her little daughter took the elevator of the unit building to go home, and they did not leave the building again.

The search focused on the interior of the neighborhood. The police interviewed all the 6 unit buildings, 379 families and 1075 households in the community, and recorded the activities in the key period in detail. In addition, it also includes more than 10000 square meters underground garage, all elevator wells, water tanks, inspection wells, lockers, flues, ventilation pipes and other hidden parts, and has carried out four carpet type inspections. Chen Chengjia was also investigated once. He remembered that it was 8:00 p.m. on July 16, the police came to his home and said, I have searched the refrigerator, the wardrobe, the bathroom and the washing machine. There are several large boxes stacked on the balcony to put the sundries, and they also looked through the contents inside. Chen Cheng told our reporter that the residents who lived in the same building as Ms. Lai were investigated three times. The next day after the investigation, Chen Cheng saw many policemen with police dogs searching in the underground garage.

The police conducted a carpet investigation on the interior of the community

Nearly 20 days after her disappearance, on the evening of July 23, Hangzhou police issued a notice saying that Ms Lai had been killed and that human tissue had been found in the septic tank of the community. According to a preliminary investigation, Ms. Lais husband, Xu, was dissatisfied with Ms. Lai due to family life conflicts. In the early morning of July 5, she was killed at home while she was sleeping, and her body was separated and discarded.

For most of the missing cases, if the victims body tissue can not be found as material evidence to determine life and death, it will usually become a pending case. However, it will take a lot of manpower and time to search for material evidence, which depends not only on the technical means, but also on the determination of the police to pursue it to the end. In the flight attendant missing case that made Chinese detective Li Changyu famous, Richard, the husband of the murdered stewardess, is a former CIA staff member and also has anti reconnaissance experience. After killing the stewardess, they smashed their bodies with a wood crusher, and then drove into the lake on a snowy day mixed with sawdust and human tissue.

After the police filed a case, they first suspected Richard, the stewardess husband, but he passed several lie tests. After Li Changyu intervened, the lie detection still passed. But Li insisted on his doubts. He made a large number of visits, mobilized all the laboratory staff, and organized 14 forensic and human skeleton experts as the consultants of his ad hoc team. In addition, there were hundreds of criminal police officers from Newtown police station and Connecticut police department. They took turns to collect evidence in the melting snow near the lake where the corpses might be thrown. The process of snow melting is very boring. First, he selects eight places where Richard may put the wood crusher, and then melts the snow one by one to remove the debris on the ground, and then put the sediment on the fine mesh to wash and filter, and then collect it. More than three weeks later, some physical evidence was finally obtained: a tooth, 56 bone fragments, 2660 dyed hair, a denture rack, a missing finger, and some blue-green synthetic fabric. It seems that there are a lot of material evidence. In fact, it is about the size of a table tennis ball. After more than 5000 inspections, they are all missing stewardess. These material evidences have become the key to the final decision.

This time, Hangzhou police also experienced a similar search and salvage process. From the afternoon of July 22, the investigation of the police focused on the septic tank in the residential area less than 50 meters away from the unit building where the lady lived, and carried out the extraction of the septic tank.

Chen Cheng was impressed by the situation of the day: it was very hot that day. From the afternoon to the morning of the next day, a lot of police came. More than a dozen police cars lined up from the south gate to the traffic lights at the intersection. The people pumping septic tanks were still wearing protective clothing. With the onlookers, the whole south gate is full of people. On July 22 and 23, the highest temperature in Hangzhou reached 36 degrees and 38 degrees respectively. Under the high temperature, the strong smell of the septic tank made him put on his mask again.

After working continuously for 25 hours, the police washed and screened 38 vehicles of fecal water, during which suspected human tissues were found. After on-site extraction and detection, the human tissues were collected by DNA comparison system. Judging that Ms. Lai may be killed, the case investigation has made a major breakthrough, and her husband Xu is suspected of a major crime. At 1:00 on July 23, Hangzhou police summoned Xu for suspected intentional homicide.

On July 25, Hangzhou police released a video of her husband being arrested

The case was characterized as a premeditated intentional homicide. Xu, 55, two years older than Ms. Lai, remarried in 2008 after divorce. Xu has a son with his ex-wife, and Ms. Lai has a daughter with her ex-husband. They have a 11-year-old daughter together.

Landscape river outside the community (Photo by Wu Shubin)

The landscape river is only separated from Sanbao community by a railing, which is about 2 meters wide. The river is not deep. Standing on the bank, you can see the bottom of the river. There is an old peoples activity center by the landscape river. Uncle Zhang, who lives in the neighborhood, will play chess in the activity center almost every day. He told our reporter that after getting the consent of the community, Ms. Lais family drained a landscape river next to the community. When looking for someone, he happened to be at the pumping site. He remembered that on the morning of the 13th or 14th, he had finished playing chess early and planned to go shopping. He found that there was someone with a water pump beside the landscape river, pointing at the river. Uncle Zhang asked the onlookers and was told that someone is missing and suspected of falling into the river.

How could I have thought? The river will not be more than 1.2 meters. It is obvious that an adult, whether dead or alive, will fall down. Where do you need to drain water to find it? And during the day, there are people in the old peoples activity room and the basketball court isolated from the park, and there are residents sitting around with their children in the pavilion. If someone falls down, they will surely be found At that time, Mr. Zhang felt that the family members were desperate to seek medical treatment.

Photo by Wu Shubin

Our reporter contacted Ms. Zhang, a common friend of Xu and his ex-wife. Ms. Zhang said that her hometown lived in the village next to Xu, and had a close relationship with Xus ex-wife.

Ms. Zhang said that Xu had raised ducks in Shanghai before he came to Hangzhou. There are thousands of ducks raised, and the economic situation is OK.. In 2007, Xus ex-wife called Ms. Zhang and told her that she planned to divorce. Ms. Zhang thinks divorce is not very decent, but she said to me, Xu pinched her neck, pinched her half dead.

Ms. Zhangs brother also used to breed ducks in Shanghai. She once went to Xus farm. At that time, Xu had not divorced his ex-wife. But he and the wife who died (Ms. LAI) were already on good terms at that time. They lived together in Shanghai. I heard from my ex-wife that she had a bad time with Ms. Lai. Ms. Zhang remembers that Xus ex-wife had repeatedly mentioned to herself that Xu would beat herself and threatened her that if she didnt agree to divorce, she would die.

After the divorce, Xus ex-wife returned to her mothers home with her children, while Ms. Zhang went to other places to do business, and they gradually had less contact. Xu also remarried and moved his household registration from his rural hometown to Hangzhou. But what makes Ms. Zhang feel strange is that after a few years of divorce, the relationship between Xu and his ex-wife has gradually improved. After the divorce, Xu has been helping her build a house.

In the process of dealing with Xu, Ms. Zhang felt that he was strange and very good at remembering things. In 2015, Xu contacted Ms. Zhang and proposed to borrow 50000 yuan, saying that he wanted to build a house for his ex-wife. I didnt have so much money at that time. I said I would lend you 20000 yuan first, or in a few days. He hung up the phone and never contacted me again. The next year, Ms. Zhang and Xu met once. Xu was still thinking about the failure of borrowing money and ridiculed Ms. Zhang for being stingy and never borrowing money.

When asked about what she said on the Internet that Xu would prepare a wedding room for her eldest son, Ms. Zhang said she didnt know. She only knew that their son is 29 years old this year and has been crying all the time. She doesnt believe Xu will do such a thing.

(Chen Cheng changed his name)