Will the spring of the first 30 million box office movie theaters come back?

 Will the spring of the first 30 million box office movie theaters come back?

Chen Qingyi, vice president of Bona pictures, said in an interview with the Financial Association: one is that cinemas continue to open, especially some large cinemas, such as Wanda, are back to work. Another is July 24, which happens to include Bona films bloody warrior and universal films dorites fantasy adventure , and it is the weekend, so the growth is more obvious

According to the data of cats eye professional edition, since July 20, the daily box office has increased daily, with 3.5 million on the day of reopening, nearly 20 million on Friday on the 24th, and more than 30 million on Saturday on the 25th. Although there is still a big gap compared with the average daily box office of more than 100 million in the same period of last year, it is not easy for the film industry, which is still in the early stage of business recovery after being hit by the epidemic.

The chief media analyst of a securities company said in an interview with the financial association that the daily box office exceeded 30 million, breaking the previous market expectations. The previous market estimate was probably around 10 million, he said.

At ordinary times, the 40 million to 50 million market has already felt very cold, so it is actually very low under normal conditions. There are more than 10000 cinemas in China. How much is the average cinema? 3000 yuan at the box office. But the number of cinemas that returned to work yesterday was about 3000 or 4000. The average box office of a cinema is about 10000. At present, it is still a good positive signal from the state of returning to work. Chen said.

In view of the fact that cinemas across the country have not been fully opened up and the attendance rate is still limited, some films, especially the head works, are also on the wait and see. Many analysts said that if there is no large investment works into the market, the recovery of the whole market will take some time.

A senior media researcher of a fund company told the associated press that although the box office is on the rise now, it is difficult for the whole market to recover to the previous level. The main reason is that the production capacity is limited due to the suspension of film production after the epidemic, the delay in the introduction of overseas films and the closure of small production companies. If there is no good blockbuster to support the box office, then the first half of next year may become a window period.

Chen Qingyi, on the other hand, said that many films, especially some imported ones, had been announced to be put on file in August. The current reserve should be enough, Mr. Chen said frankly. The chip company will also consider the cost comprehensively and make adjustments according to the market situation. July 24 is the first weekend after returning to work, and there will be a month and a week after that. I think there should be new films on every week.

According to public information, in addition to the classic films that have been re screened, the current hot new films include Bonas the bloody warrior and universals dorites fantasy adventure. It has been determined that the new film to be put on file next week is Mr. Miao by ray media (300251. SZ). In August, there were also Chinese film (600977. SH) and Ali film (01060. HK)s Oscar winning film 1917. It is worth noting that on August 25, there will be two love films on the market. They are light medias buckwheat madness and Im waiting for you at the end of time jointly produced by Ali pictures.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4425