North capital flight stock list out! Trillion giants sold

 North capital flight stock list out! Trillion giants sold

Commercial trade industry with capital in Beijing

This week, the reduction rate of seven industries exceeded 3%, and the light industry manufacturing industry had the most obvious reduction. This week, Beishang capital held 801 million shares of the industry, down 4.73% month on month. The industries with more reduction also included non-bank finance, comprehensive, computer, etc.

Among the above industries, machinery and equipment industry has been invested by northbound capital for four consecutive weeks, with the number of shares increased by 14.47% compared with four weeks ago.

Beishang capital to buy 81 shares this week

A total of 30 stocks were listed on the active trading list this week. In terms of their industries, the electronic industry was the most concentrated, with 5 stocks on the list. The largest turnover was Maotai, Guizhou, with a total turnover of 14.131 billion yuan this week, followed by Wuliangye, with a total transaction amount of 11.827 billion yuan. The higher turnover amount was China immunity and China Ping An.

According to the statistics of net purchase and sale amount, there are 10 stocks on the list this week, with Gree Electric appliance having the largest net purchase amount. The net purchase amount of this week is 1.78 billion yuan, followed by Yao Ming Kant and Hikvision, with net purchase amount of 303 million yuan and 282 million yuan respectively. Among the net sold stocks, Guizhou Maotai had the largest net sales amount, with a net sales volume of 2.729 billion yuan this week.

From the market performance point of view, this week northward funds to add warehouse top 20 shares up more than less. Yuguang Gold and lead rose 34.21% this week, and Luxi Chemical increased 19.06% this week. Other big gains were Yintai gold and Hunan gold.

Recently, the international environment is changing, and the US dollar is weak. As a safe haven asset, gold has become a hot topic for the market to hold, and the price is rising. On the 24th, the international gold price once surged to 1898 US dollars / ounce, only one step away from the $1900 mark, and closer and closer to the record high of US $1920. Affected by the rising gold price, the gold and silver plate of A-share rose greatly, which was focused by northbound capital. The precious metal stocks such as Yintai gold, Hunan gold and Yuguang Gold lead were increased.

July 24, A-share shock, the three major stock indexes fell sharply, northbound funds also appeared a huge outflow. So specific to the individual stock, what kind of position did the northbound capital carry out? According to data bank statistics, there were 12 stocks with a margin of over 0.5 percentage points in the day of Beishang capital, and as many as 20 shares with a reduction rate of more than 0.5 percentage points. The following is the situation of the top 10 stocks with the increase and decrease of positions.

Beishang capital bought 13 shares for seven consecutive weeks

Data treasure statistics show that Beishang capital has bought 86 shares for four consecutive weeks. In terms of industry, there are 7 stocks in the pharmaceutical and biological industry.

From the perspective of market performance, among the seven consecutive weeks of Beishang capital, 9 stocks rose this week, among which Denghai seed industry gained the most, up 13.52%. Other big gainers were Guomao shares and Guangxin shares. The stock price drops greatly has the Weier stock and so on.

Beishang capital sold 110 shares for four consecutive weeks

Data treasure statistics show that northbound capital sold 110 shares for four consecutive weeks. In terms of industry, the pharmaceutical and biological industry has the largest number of stocks, with 9.

From the change of shareholding ratio, compared with four weeks ago, the proportion of 44 shares reduced by more than 0.5 percentage point. Compared with four weeks ago, CNC warehouse reduction was the largest, which was 3.96 percentage points lower than that of four weeks ago.

Statement: all information in data bank does not constitute investment advice. Stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.