Liaoning wins 47 points in Sichuan, locking in top 4 Guo Allen 32 + 4 Hu Linsen 23 + 8

 Liaoning wins 47 points in Sichuan, locking in top 4 Guo Allen 32 + 4 Hu Linsen 23 + 8

Technical statistics:

Liaoning: Guo Allen 32 points 4 assists, Mayo 16 points 5 rebounds, Han Dejun 14 points 10 rebounds, Gao Shiyan 20 points 6 steals, he Tianju 12 points, Zhao Jiwei 10 points 3 assists;

Sichuan: Hu Linsen 26 points 9 rebounds, min Qingfei 13 points 5 rebounds, Mo Mengchen 10 points.

Competition related:

Liaoning team is currently ranked fourth in the scoreboard. If they win todays game, they will have a chance to surpass Beijing team and rise to No. 3. Liaoning mens basketball power forward Li Xiaoxu was reimbursed due to injury season. Li Yuanyu, Zuo zhennian and Yuan Zhenliang of Sichuan team were absent from the competition.

At the beginning of the game, Han Dejun quickly scored points, Guo Allen and Mayo successively attacked successfully, he Tianju hit three points, and Liaoning made an 11-2 start. Han Dejun scored under the basket, Guo Allen snatched yuan Tangwen to lay up easily, Liaoning opened 11 points gap. Hu Linsen scored 5 points for Sichuan, while Guo Allen and Mayo scored successively in the interior line, and the difference was further widened to 19 points. As Han Dejun and Guo Allen were replaced, Sichuan interior line continuously took points to narrow the difference. At the end of the first quarter, Liaoning was 32-20 ahead of Sichuan.

Entering the second section, Liu Zhixuan, Zhao Jiwei and Gao Shiyan scored successively, and Liaoning launched a 6-1 offensive and continued to widen the gap. Min Qingfeis three-point dash, Guo Allen even took 4 points, min Qingfei even scored two three-point goals, Mayo long-range shot was successful, Guo Allen played 2 + 1, and the two teams raced three-point ball each other. Cong Ming and Hu Linsen scored one goal each. After half-time, Liaoning led by 71-37.

Easy side fight again, Jing Han in a row 2 3-point ball. Han Dejun dribbles the ball after half-time, assists Cong tomorrow morning to lay up successfully. Alan Guo shot a long shot and the difference was 35 points. After that, Liaoning players went to the free throw line in a row. Guo Allen and Hu Linsen each scored a three-point goal. Zhao Jiwei and Gao Shiyan shot down the three-point line like rain, and Liaoning team scored more than 100 points. With Gao Shiyan scoring another 4 points, Liaoning is ahead by 50 points. Hu Linsen hit the jump shot at the whistle, and Liaoning 105-57 was far ahead at the end of the three quarters.

In the last section, Zhao Jiwei got 5 points in a row, Hu Linsen and Mo Mengchen added points for Sichuan, and Gao Shiyan put in three points. Early lock the winning Liaoning team, the second half of this section sent Guo Xu and other substitute players to practice. Yuan Tangwen, Li Keqi and Mo Mengchen from Sichuan Province graduated in succession, and Wang Huadong, a junior general from Liaoning Province, retired. Finally, Liaoning 126-79 defeated Sichuan, ended the regular season with 32-14 losses, and locked the top four places in the regular season.

Two teams start:

Liaoning: Guo Allen, Mayo, he Tianju, Cong Mingchen, Han Dejun

Sichuan: Zhang Songtao, Hou Tianyi, Jing Hanyi, yuan Tangwen, Hu Linsen