Ive been PUA for four years! Theres a million adult secrets hidden here

 Ive been PUA for four years! Theres a million adult secrets hidden here

Its because when I opened Taobao yesterday, I saw the products with a monthly sales of 40000 + recommended on the home page:

1 Yuan love lunch.

In its comments section, there are donors writing diaries every moment, which is particularly authentic.

The last time we had this illusion, it was in the microblog comment area of Gao Yixiang and Li Wenliang, where millions of people recorded their lives and reposed their thoughts.

These three places are all famous floating diary on the Internet, which is worth seeing.

So I spent a whole day looking through these three Diaries. After reading them, I felt that the whole person was wrapped up in tenderness, and even my words became gentle.

I also want to share this tenderness with you who open this article~

Lets talk about Taobao love lunch.

Open the comments section and youll see that many people are not donating for the first time. They have already made donations on their to-do list.

They said: after that, they will pay their wages once a month. I hope you can have enough to eat and grow tall.

Some people regret that they didnt know it before, and secretly swear that they cant forget it every month in the future!

As for the reasons for insisting on donating, each one is a tearful one

Knowledge changes fate, but I dont have a chance to come back, but you still have.

My brother is also a child from the mountains. He knows how precious a lunch with meat is.

I hope you can have a good meal, study hard and get out of the mountains!

Only those who have really experienced suffering know how important a meal is.

They dont want their brothers and sisters to feel the same ordeal again.

And my sister just gave birth to the baby, she came to donate money to the children.

She hopes that all babies can be treated gently and grow healthily in this world.

There is another reason that impressed me:

My sister eats a lot every day, so you should eat more!

u2014u2014Yes, most peoples reasons are very simple. They want to add meat to the children so that they can eat better.

There is no other social platform common noise and quarrel, everyone with the most simple kindness.

This anonymous and well meaning comment area has become a secret base for people to record their lives.

Some people share new sunflowers, some cheer for their college entrance examination, some share the sky in July for children

They want to share the vast world and countless beautiful pieces of life with the children on the other side of the mountain.

Also let their own happiness to extend the preservation.

Of course, they will also be sad, frustrated, will complain, pour out bitter water.

But when they open the comment area and see everyone working hard, they can always feel the tenderness of the world, draw strength from it and move on.

So when I saw a sister in the comment area saying that she had lost her mobile phone and met a kind-hearted person, I couldnt help but sigh:

This is perhaps the best reward that fate gives to good people.

The second floating diary is a little heavy.

It comes from Gao Yixiangs microblog comment area.

Under Gaos last micro blog, there were more than 800000 messages. After the broadcast of blame you for being too beautiful, more people came here to leave messages.

They insisted on punching in messages every day, wishing him a happy Christmas and a happy new year. They told him that the new play had been broadcast and we missed you very much.

They often say, I dreamt of you last night, if only you were still there.

Still because of a look back and tears.

And his gentleness and gentleness make those who miss him gentle.

People will use the most gentle tone message, will praise his acting skills, by the way, tell him that his own rose is blooming, very beautiful.

He would tell him to make complaints about his lazy husband. If you are married, you will take the housework with your partner.

Also because of Gao Yixiang, some people have the determination to change for the first time.

You are a big boy who likes sports, so I will be a girl who likes sports. Its a little difficult, but Ill refuel!

Every moment we miss him and every happy and trivial detail of life are carefully preserved in words, hoping that he can see it.

It was as if he had never left.

Almost every comment on this micro blog has good morning / good afternoon / good night.

If I dont see you again, I wish you good morning, good afternoon and good night.

Like Gao Yixiang, Doctor Li Wenliang has millions of messages on his micro blog.

They are like the crying walls of the contemporary Internet. Countless people come here to write down their thoughts and feelings about life.

But unlike the gentle wind in Gao Yixiangs comment area, Dr. Lis fireworks here are heavier.

People tend to write down more trivial and even boring daily accounts of life.

What kind of reading plan, weight loss plan, college entrance examination did not do well, broke up with his girlfriend, saw a movie and cried

I think its probably because Dr. Li was a very real person who loved life.

So when he left, people would write down their daily meals, vegetables and meals, and nag him about news and daily routines, so that Dr. Li could also feel the smoke of human life in the sky.

People regard Dr. Lis microblog as a secret tree hole, pouring out the pain, anxiety and doubt that they are difficult to tell to the people around them.

Once in a while, strangers who are updated in real time can get some warmth and comfort.

When you are not happy, you can turn to the comment area and see that everyone has his own joy and worry, and then you feel that your own business is not a big deal.

I think Dr. Li has left, but here, he has been living in our hearts.

His happiness and kindness, his enthusiasm for life, can still be passed on to everyone far away through these millions of Diaries.

In fact, in retrospect, who has not written a small composition in the circle of friends late at night?

However, we are often hesitant, write, delete, often send a few minutes after no one likes to delete.

We do not dare to pour out our troubles on the Internet, and the anger of the Internet jet makes people flinch.

But life has been so hard, how should we deal with it? How to vent?

u2014u2014This may be the reason why floating diary is popular.

In the message area of love lunch, Gao Yixiang and Li Wenliang, you can feel peoples most simple kindness and tenacity to life.

They seem to be the Internet is not polluted Peach Blossom Land, harmony is inconceivable.

People can safely leave messages there, or record life, or repose their sorrow.

Can be bold to cry out, give yourself a chance to secretly breathe, but also often can get the encouragement and comfort of strangers.

They keep warm to each other and share the warmth with children in the distance.

This kind of good will always makes me cry.

Hell difficulty 2020, fortunately, these places can comfort people.

May we still love life after seeing life clearly, and continue to pass on kindness and tenderness.

Its like the dead they wanted.

Leave a message and tell me: whats the warmest thing youll encounter in 2020?

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