After falling in love with Zhou Xun for many years, he broke up and provoked his current wife to file for divorce: is park Shu a slag man?

 After falling in love with Zhou Xun for many years, he broke up and provoked his current wife to file for divorce: is park Shu a slag man?

In the latest issue of the children of tomorrow, park Shu is the tutor.

Give me an interview.

Record the program.

In the face of his rare business, many netizens joked: park tree, and lack of money?

Park tree is short of money has become a hot microblog search.

This stems from his candid remarks when he was on the cross-border singer.

The host asked, why did you participate in the cross border king?

Park Shu: to be honest, I really need money this time.

There was a roar of laughter.

Only park Shu himself, a serious face.

At that time, he was preparing to shoot three MVS, and the lack of money was real.

But is he obsessed with money?

Not necessarily.

Gao Xiaosong asked him to borrow 150000 yuan.

He asked only two words: account number.

His friend asked him to borrow money to buy a house.

He transferred 250000.

The neighbor asked him to borrow 300000 yuan.

He transferred all the money in his card to the other party.

Later, some of the money was returned, and some money was directly wasted.

He doesnt pursue debts, he doesnt press people.

If you need money in a hurry, go out and earn it.

When you earn enough, you disappear and make music.

You say he cares about money?

In fact, all he cares about is music.

In 1995, Gao Xiaosong received a call.

The young man said, I want to sell songs.

OK, Ill see you sometime and listen.

At the edge of a small tree, Gao Xiaosong meets a boy with slanting bangs and long hair.

He looks weird, cold, and at a distance from the outside world.

Do you sell songs? he asked

He said, yes, Im Park Shu.

Gao Xiaosong was surprised and pleased when he heard Park Shus song.

In front of him, he said, if you can write and sing well, why dont you become an artist and have to sell songs?

Park Shu: I think the music industry is now, I sell songs to make money, and make my own records.


The 22-year-old stood in front of Gao Xiaosong with a proud face.

Dont give in. Screw it.

It had been engraved in his bones at that time.

At any time, there is only one thing in his heartu2014u2014

Make music.

As soon as you can make a record, park Shu is happy.

He thought it was a good thing to make music simple and pure.

With more than 500000 records sold, park Shu became popular all the way.

He was inundated with invitations for various commercial performances.

CCTV Spring Festival Gala invited him to sing.

He disdains it, he doesnt.

For this, he had a big fight with his agent.

The agent scolded: Why are you so fierce?

He replied, Im not fuckin happy at all. I dont like it.

Tactful, sophisticated and submissive.

Its too hard for him.

Park Shu has won numerous awards.

The best male singer in the mainland, the best singer writer in the mainland, the best composer in the mainland, the best producer in the mainland

He often appeared at the award ceremony, always carrying his schoolbag to the stage to receive the prize.

They are stiff and nervous.

With a thank you sentence, he got off the stage.

However, in the face of praise and fame, he is decadent, more and more decadent.

He was even more disgusted with commercial performances, programs and formalism.

He just wanted to sing, but how did he become the star he despised most?

He began to refuse, he began to run away.

The agent arranged for him to be interviewed and he said he was ill.

The company asked him to take part in the event, and he said he didnt want to go.

I couldnt escape. I was scolded by the team and finished the program with a breath.

He did make enough money in those years.

Any performance money, enough to buy a suite.

Huge commercial value, wrapped him.

He wanted to write a song, but he couldnt play a note by touching his guitar hand.

He was anxious, restless, and in a great void.

After pushing out all the activities, he decided to lock himself up.

At that time, he was in the middle of his fame.

Everyone said that Pu Shu has a bright future.

He decided to be silent.

Once you leave, it will be ten years.

Some people say that Pu Shu is ill. He is very ill.

Some people say that park Shus talent has been taken away by heaven.

All in all, there is much talk about his retirement.

Until 2013, park Shu published a short article on the Internet.

Only then did we know that he was really ill in the past days.

Source: Zhihu

Unable to make music, his mood ups and downs.

Depression. be world-weary. Collapse.

In ten years, he never left his life.

He once said: in fact, I dont feel depressed and cant go on. I just dont like what I see all year round.

Li Xiang interviewed him and asked about the ten years of disappearance.

He hesitated and said:

I dont know what Im going to do.

I feel like Im going downhill.

No feeling, no feeling for music.

Lu Yu interviewed him about the ten years of disappearance.

He didnt care, and said, Hun Bai, youre mixing.

Perhaps, for those days, park Shu also can not give a specific account.

But in 2014, when he finally returned with the ordinary road.

Everyone heard the cry of Park Shu buried for ten years.

That year, he was 41. It is forty years old.

Ive been keeping a distance from the industry these years, and Ive got a clearer idea of what I want and what kind of person I want to be. If I want to make music or not, I think I can come back after I have figured out

Ten years ago, he ran away with a fragile, proud and desperate self.

He began to conform to the way of heaven, gradually complete.

He was lucky enough.

Whenever he returns, the audience is embracing him.

Just because he is master park.

It carries the year of innocence in the hearts of every music fan.

No one is more suitable for the word Youth than Park Shu.

The sentence I wish you to leave for half your life and come back as a teenager is appropriate for park Shu, who is in his forties.

All the year round, he was an old mans shirt, plaid shirt, shorts, and Martins boots.

No greasy feeling.

My eyes are clear.

Clean as snow.

As if all the beautiful words in the world could be used in him.

But he himself hated the deified label.

He said many times, Im really not as good as you think.

Its also hard to get along with.

He is always at odds with the world.

At the same time of punishing myself, I also inadvertently punished my lover.

Park Shus Stinky temper is well known.

No one is not curious about what kind of cruel character his wife is.

He can endure his birth.

It can also protect his self.

When you get married, there is no wedding, no wedding dress, no honeymoon.

Any ordinary woman would have to complain for years.

But park Shus wife, Wu Xiaomin, enjoyed it.

Facing the man who is 8 years older than herself, she has unlimited indulgence.

It doesnt matter. He doesnt make money all his life, and Im willing to support him, she said

Park Shu never talks sweetly.

There was not even a lie to coax her.

When Wu Xiaomin asked him, what would you do if I died one day?

Every year, Wu Xiaomin celebrates Park Shus birthday on Weibo.

Park Shu never responds.

Even when a reporter asked him if he would read his wifes microblog.

He just dropped a sentence: no look.

Others said that park Shu did not love her at all.

She said, I think its very beautiful. Its Xiaopu who makes me a very good person.

If she wants to have a child for 15 years, she doesnt want to be married.

Park Shu does not like to talk about empty head Babao love oath, she will not.

Are you feeling tired?

Thats for sure.


There must be.

Later, Wu Xiaomin would say that to park Shu:

You put the best energy on the record and left the worst to me.

Photo source: Adventure life

At one point, they were on the verge of divorce.

The crowd sighed.

If there is another one standing beside Park Shu, will she look different?

Yes, she is Mr. Zhou, Zhou Xun.

Gao Xiaosong recalls Zhou Xuns meeting with Park Shu, and the lines are full of green and astringent.

In a small classroom.

Zhou Xun stood up and said, my name is Zhou Xun, actor.

Park Shu lowered his head and snorted for a long time.

My name is park Shu, actor.

They seem to have the same silence and loneliness.

Outside the play, love also developed.

Park Shu, who usually doesnt talk much, talks a lot about Zhou Xun.

It seems that Pu Shu doesnt understand romance, but in order to let Zhou Xun sleep a little more, he keeps silent at the door of the car.

One sleeps in the car.

One was squatting outside the door.

Its stupid, its good.

They are similar.

See the refrigerator in the middle of the night, will say loneliness is a triangle.

Neither of them dare to have children, and they think they cant afford to be parents.

There is a part of precocity in the heart.

Some of them still retain the innocence of children.

Park Shu married Wu Xiaomin.

Zhou Xun married Gao Shengyuan.

It is worth mentioning that.

Zhou Xuns wedding day coincided with the day of Pu Shus return.

People congratulated her on her happy marriage.

She turned her first ordinary road in her circle of friends.

This kind of fate, which is built in the dark, makes many people feel deeply.

Gao Xiaosong, the witness at that time, was full of tears and recalled the days of flowers at that time.

It is difficult for others to calm down, but the party concerned has long been relieved.

They loved each other deeply.

Now, I can be an old friend.

Park Shu will support Zhou Xuns new film.

Although we cant love each other, we can also exist in each others life in a different way.

After all, some people are suitable to be married home.

Some people, only suitable to be friends.

Unconsciously, park Shu has been on the road for 25 years.

1995 to 2020.

However, each one can show some marks of the times.

From the millennium.

Young people are confused and restless.

Park Shu, with long hair, plays and sings birch forest on the stage.

At that time, he didnt play the band.


A person writes songs, sings, and wins prizes.

In the interview program, he never answers in a routine way.

Want to do something different.

I want to make a different album.

This unique artistic personality made him successful. It made him struggle.

In those years, the bangs covered his eyes.

However, we can still see the light from him.

He also represents idealism at the turn of the century.

When 2020 comes, he seems to be living in the past.

He also used 150 yuan Nokia to upgrade his mobile phone.

After making money, they all throw luxury houses for themselves.

Park Shu, on the other hand, is still renting in the suburbs of Beijing.

He doesnt buy a car. The electric donkey is his favorite vehicle.

He does not pursue the brand, how comfortable to come.

I often buy several identical clothes and trousers because I am too lazy to choose.

Over the years, he has appeared in public more often.

Happy. Its not that bad.

Sometimes, they pop up on the streets of Beijing.

With his own band, he sang a song to the passers-by in Houhai.

People dont know what hes doing, for what.

He said faintly: I just want to sing to those who leave early and return late, those who live a very hard life.

Originally, the story of the youth, never changed.

His shirt is like snow.

Love is not open.

I still dont know the flavor of life.

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