Wechat service stopped in India, Chinese mobile phone number registration can still be used normally

 Wechat service stopped in India, Chinese mobile phone number registration can still be used normally

However, wechat also wants to leave Indian users.

On July 25, a number of wechat Indian users disclosed to zhixiang.com that they were constantly forced to log out and could not log in again. They would still be logged out when using VPN.

The affected wechat users are registered with Indian local numbers, while those registered with Chinese mobile phone numbers can still use them normally. All kinds of signs show that wechats suspension of wechat of Indian mobile phone number users should be an active technical means to avoid legal risks.

When the account is logged out, the user receives a message from the wechat team, which reads: according to Indian law, we are unable to provide you with wechat service at present. We attach importance to every user. Data security and privacy are the most important for us. We are in contact with the relevant departments and hope to resume service in the future.

Zhixiang.com sent wechat to many Indian friends on the afternoon of July 25, but no reply was received before the publication. However, Chinese living in India have found that if the wechat account is registered with a Chinese mobile phone number or is currently bound with a Chinese mobile phone number, they can still use wechat as usual, and all functions will not be affected.

An Indian who is currently in China told zhixiang.com that his wechat was also posted this afternoon, but the system did not show the reason. His wechat account was registered with a Chinese mobile phone number. He speculated that the reason for being logged out may be that he was wrongly judged as an Indian user by wechat. After two or three attempts, he successfully logged in to wechat and was not logged out again.

On June 29, the Indian government announced a ban on 59 Chinese related apps, including wechat. On July 1, wechat was removed from the shelves of Google and Apple stores in India.

After that, according to the different telecom service providers, the use of wechat has been affected to varying degrees. For example, some users who use Airtel and Vodafone operators find that the wechat function is unstable and sometimes they cant make wechat calls, but these problems can be solved after VPN is opened. Users using the Jiu network can use wechat normally without being affected.

As early as 2012, Tencent set up a team of more than ten employees in Gurgaon. At first, relying on this team, wechat won 25 million users and ranked as the champion of Google store Download for 45 consecutive days. However, due to acclimatization, wechat gradually declined and the instant messaging market was monopolized by WhatsApp.

Although the user base of wechat in India is not large, they mostly have contacts with China. On June 29, after the ban came out, many Indians left their WhatsApp in their circle of friends, even nailed them down. They finally waited for the day.