Nintendo N64 game source code leakage Selda, Mario

 Nintendo N64 game source code leakage Selda, Mario

Nintendo also had the news of game source code stolen before, but it was not as serious as this time. Although it was only the source code of N64, the leaked content was very important, including Super Mario 64, Mario racing 64, star fox 64 and doctor Mario 64, etc.

In addition, SNES on a number of game source code has also been stolen, including f-zero, Super Mario RPG, Legend of Zelda: alinktothepast, Super Mario World, star Fox and so on.

Dylan Cuthbert, the producer of the star fox series, said that he had not seen the game development tool for nearly 30 years. At the beginning, he used C + + language to develop the tool for learning. He didnt know where the hacker got it.

More importantly, not only the source code, but also the N64 system is said to have been stolen, which may bring some convenience to the production of simulator or mod.

Source of this article: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of fast technology_ NT2541