The price of greed

 The price of greed

Lao Ding is a fanatic antique fan. In the middle of the night, he was asleep when he heard a rustling sound. When he opened his eyes, he saw a black figure in the house. He could not help taking a breath and shouting thief, which scared the thief away.

Stop! Laoding holds a pair of scissors of the head of get up, madly like chase up. Lao Ding is so desperate because there are many antiques in this room, and every one of them is his heart.

The thief was thin and small, like a vole facing a buffalo in front of the tall and burly old Ding. Old Ding took him to the living room and took a rope to tie the thief.

The thief was so scared that he knelt down in front of the old Ding and kept kowtowing to beg for mercy.

But old Ding seemed unmoved. After a careful search, he said, although you havent stolen anything, I still have to call the police. With that, he went to the phone and grabbed the microphone.

Old Ding narrowed his small eyes, and an imperceptible smile flashed across his face. He put down the phone in his hand, at the moment, his heart has new ideas and plans.

Laoding has a friend named Laotang, who is quite famous in the local collection circle, and his family collection is also rich and colorful. Lao Ding especially liked the vertical scroll of Liu Yongs calligraphy. He always wanted to get it, and he wanted to exchange his collection with Lao Tang many times, but Lao Tang just didnt agree. It seems that there is no way to fight openly, so take it secretly.

Thinking of this, Lao Ding began to talk about the transaction with the thief: if you can help me get that piece of Liu Yongs calligraphy, I will not only not call the police, but also give you 100000 yuan as a reward.

Thief Leng Leng Leng, counter asked: you tell me to steal things, I am not afraid I report you?

Lao Ding didnt eat this set of rules. He answered confidently, whats the advantage of reporting me? It can only be a trap. I dont think youre so stupid?

The thief thought for a while, nodded and said, OK, its settled.

Now, Lao Ding and the thief are grasshoppers on a rope. Lao Ding told the thieves about the neighborhood environment where Lao Tangs family lived, and drew a picture of the layout of his house: Liu Yongs calligraphy is hanging in Lao Tangs bedroom. Old Ding for the thief analysis, you go with a small scissors, if you cant take it off, use scissors to cut the rope.

I see. Ill do it at two in the morning. The thief was ready to try.

The residential area where Laotangs house is located is very large, but only the gate is monitored. The thief easily climbed over the iron fence and soon came to the corridor where Lao Tangs house was

Old Ding naturally did not sleep all night, lighting the lamp, smoking, anxiously waiting for the news of the thief.

At about four oclock in the morning, there was a slight knock on the door. Lao Ding ran to open the door. Sure enough, it was the thief who came back.

That guy is sleeping too hard. I didnt expect it to go so well. The thief said as he handed a volume of calligraphy to Lao Ding.

Old Ding shook his hands and opened the calligraphy slowly. His blood was boiling and his heart was pounding.

The thief asked, this is the calligraphy, isnt it?

Yes, yes! Old Ding nodded, do you want cash or transfer to you for 100000 yuan?

The thief raised his head and said coldly, I dont want money.

What do you want? Old Ding Leng Leng Leng, curiously asked.

The thief replied quietly, I want your Qianlong porcelain plate.

Lao Dings heart thumped for a moment, and then realized that the guy in front of him was not simple. You know, his Qianlong famille rose porcelain plate is his favorite collection, not to mention giving away, is that others sincerely want to buy, he is not sure.

Old Ding frowned and asked, how do you know that I have Qianlong porcelain plate?

The thief sneered and said, didnt I pry open your collection cabinet yesterday? If you hadnt just woken up, I would have stolen it

Old Ding was surprised: you are also an expert.

The thief complacently said, if you cant tell what a baby is, how can I do this job? The thief looked so determined that he seemed to have the initiative now.

Old Ding stares at him, gnash teeth ground to ask: if I dont give?

The thief was calm, sat down and shook his legs leisurely and said, then Ill have to turn myself in and confess everything to the police. Well die together and go to jail together.

Lao Ding was silent. He was secretly calculating the value of the two collections.

Dont think about it. You still make a good profit. Your Qianlong pastel porcelain plate cant reach the price of this calligraphy. The thief urged him, give it to me as soon as possible. I must leave here before daybreak. From then on, we will not invade the river, and we will go our own way.

At this stage of the matter, the old Ding was obviously in a dilemma, so he had to agree to the request of the thief. But on the whole, Lao Ding is still happy that he has got his dream collection. Moreover, as the thief said, this exquisite calligraphy work of Liu Yong is obviously more valuable than his Qianlong famille rose porcelain plate. Thinking of this, he couldnt help laughing, and then handed the porcelain plate to the thief.

The thief took over the porcelain plate and walked out of laodings district. As soon as he came to the street, he took out his mobile phone, dialed the phone, and said excitedly, Lao Tang, Qianlong pastel porcelain plate is here!

The thief laughed and asked, Lao Tang, is that Liu Yongs calligraphy really a forgery?

Dont worry, Ive already put away the real ones. This one is highly imitated. It is more than enough to cheat Lao Ding

After hearing this, the thief was completely relieved. He whistled, turned off his mobile phone, stopped a taxi and disappeared in the street.