Trump owes us an apology

 Trump owes us an apology

Trump owes us an apology

At the beginning of the article, Shi Zhengli led a team to study bat coronavirus in Wuhan Virus Research Institute, which was nicknamed bat woman Xia. However, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, many people, including trump, began to spread the conspiracy theory that the new coronavirus originated from Wuhan laboratory, which also made Shi Zhengli fall into the storm of public opinion.

In this regard, Shi Zhengli refuted the conspiracy theory with her professional scientific theory and years of research experience. We first received clinical samples of the new coronavirus on December 30, 2019. At that time, the name of the sample was unexplained pneumonia.. Then, we immediately worked with other research institutes in China to carry out research, and soon identified the pathogen. China announced that novel coronavirus gene sequence information was shared by China in January 12th. But before that, we had never been exposed to or studied the virus, and we didnt know it existed

Scientists around the world have overwhelmingly concluded that the new coronavirus originated in nature, not in the laboratory. Trumps claim that the virus originated in our laboratory is totally contrary to the facts. His statement has harmed and affected our academic work and personal life. He owes us an apology

At the same time, all staff and students of Wuhan laboratory have carried out serum tests, and no one has been infected with bat SARS r cov or new coronavirus. Shi Zhengli also said that so far, all the staff and students of Wuhan virus Institute are zero infection.

In addition, Shi Zhengli also speculated on the origin of the new coronavirus based on her own research. Based on research between our team and international counterparts, it is likely that the new coronavirus originated from bats. It may evolve among one or more intermediate hosts, gradually adapt to humans, and eventually spread among humans. However, we still dont know which animals are intermediate hosts and how the virus was transmitted to humans

Later, she explained her speculation in more detail. The time and place at which NCV first spread across species - from intermediate hosts to humans - has not been scientifically discovered. We can learn from historical experiences such as AIDS that the initial outbreak of major new diseases is usually not the place of their origin. Tracing the origin of the virus is a challenging scientific task

We have been monitoring bat virus in Hubei Province for many years, but we have not found that bats in Wuhan, or even in Hubei Province, carry any virus closely related to NCV. I dont think bats (transmitting the virus) to humans happen in Wuhan or Hubei Province.

In a later question, science asked again about the possible location of Shi Zhenglis intermediate host. I cant draw any conclusions without solid data, she stressed again. Tracing the origin of the virus is a scientific question, which should be answered by scientists based on solid scientific data and evidence. But the historical experience I mentioned above deserves our attention.

Shi also mentioned the South China seafood market in Wuhan. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, as you have pointed out, does not have a history of exposure to Southern China seafood market. We have detected new coronavirus nucleic acid in doorknobs, floors and sewage in the market, but we have not extracted nucleic acid samples from frozen animals. Novel coronavirus pneumonia may be a crowded place for Southern China to discover a group of new early crown pneumonia patients.

On April 24, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) decided to cancel funding for the New York City Based Ecological Health Alliance, including bat virus research at Wuhan virus Institute. Shi was particularly disappointed in the interview, science said. We dont understand why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) terminated funding for our cooperative programs, and we think its absolutely ridiculous, she said

According to science magazine, this email interview with Shi Zhengli was not easy to come by. After two months, it was also coordinated by the public information staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After the interview, science shared all of Shis answers to the new crown with several researchers from other countries.

Daniel Lucey, an epidemic expert at Georgetown University in the United States, said: this (information shared by Shi Zhengli) is a great contribution. There are a lot of new facts that I never knew before, and Im very excited to hear them directly from her

Kristian Andersen, an evolutionary biologist at Scripps Research, one of the leading biomedical research institutions in the United States, admits that these answers are logical, true, scientific and consistent with peoples expectations of a world-class scientist and a leading coronavirus researcher.

Edward Holmes, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Sydney, also believes that Shis answer to what happened at the Wuhan Virus Research Institute is a clear, comprehensive and credible explanation.

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