Fresh and good books

 Fresh and good books

Open book story has always been the gold medal column of story fair. Its author is our editorial team, and we share what we see, hear, feel and understand with readers in each issue. This collection is also a tribute to the 700 issue of the story club with the collective wisdom of our team.


The works are excellent and the contents are rich and colorful

Open book stories is one of the series of good stories in China u00b7 works series. More than 100 open book stories are carefully selected from many open book stories, which are divided into six parts: interest, emotion, wisdom, Yilin, topic and psychology, which focus on showing the charm of open book. They are short, but wonderful, suitable for all story lovers to read and collect.

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The design is simple and elegant, and the binding is exquisite and elegant

The cover of open book story is based on Klein Blue, emphasizing the beauty of lines and giving people the beauty of elegance.

Open book story jacket

It is worth mentioning that this time we specially invited sun xiaopian, a senior illustrator of the story club, to draw exquisite original full-color illustrations for our story. These illustrations not only fit the content of the story, but also bring different visual experience to readers.

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Open the book fresh and see it first!

We who have never been in painting

Some time ago, I visited her home page as usual, but found that during the epidemic, she had doubts about the significance of lawyers work. She felt that she could only settle down and serve the society in the peaceful years. Once the disaster hit, it immediately became very useless. She could neither save people nor get materials. It was OK to donate money, but it didnt need to use professional skills.

After flipping through the comments, I found that many people had a resonance with her. Just when they wanted to say something, the word useless repeatedly mentioned by them reminded me of a story.

A writer once visited his friend, who was painting a house in the background. The writer looked at it for a moment, pointed to the house and asked, how many people live in it?

The friend hesitated and said, I didnt think about it. Maybe five or six. The writer nodded and began to ask the men and women of the house who they were. How many children did they have, male or female The friend was soon annoyed and said, this house is just the background. Why do you ask these useless things? Even if I dont know this, it doesnt affect me to draw this picture well!

The writer said with a smile, how can it not be affected? You paint the scene at dusk. If there are people living in the house, there should be smoke from the kitchen. If the owner of the house loves life, flowers are likely to be planted in front of the house. If the family has a daughter, the clothes dried outside the house will be more colorful You see, if you cant answer these useless questions, the whole picture will be distorted, and even if the main body of the picture is well handled, it will not be satisfactory. After listening, my friend suddenly realized.

During the epidemic, the people on the front line are like the protagonists in the painting. Naturally, they are worthy of heavy ink and color. However, we may be easily ignored who formed the background behind them, and even failed to be painted. However, we still maintain the stability of the rear and the operation of the society with our own expertise in our own posts, and together with them, we have formed this picture to remember history.

After all, life should continue after spring.