Another green storm! Yili gold crown seinamu 724 original organic Guardian day strong attack

 Another green storm! Yili gold crown seinamu 724 original organic Guardian day strong attack

Gold collar guansaina animal husbandry launched the activity of original organic Guardian

As the sponsor of the protection of the original organic, jinlingguancena strictly abides by the principles of original organic: stricter standards, less manual intervention, and more strict whole process control. Generally speaking, ordinary organic pastures need more than 3 years of deep purification. Jinling guancena selected the original organic pasture of Denmark with a history of 133 years as its exclusive milk source. It completely bid farewell to chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones, so that every grass and every cow can retain the original rare nutrition and energy, and truly protect the organic ration of the baby from the source u201du3002

Centennial native organic pasture of Jinling guansaina

In addition, jinlingguan seinamu, in collaboration with Gucci co designer Xu Lei, launched a joint designer gift box named xpencil Bryan. The five gift boxes are based on polar glaciers, oceans, Amazon rainforests, panda habitats and organic pastures. With colorful colors, childlike elements and flowing lines, the five gift boxes express the protection of the natural ecology, and call on the whole people to be like jinlingguancena The animal husbandry protects the original pasture as well as the precious native land on the earth.

Golden collar zenamiu xpencil Bryan designer co branded gift box

In addition to the artistic design, the original organic milk powder in the gift box also absorbs fine. Golden collar guansaina animal husbandry has created a unique original formula - it not only contains u03b1 + u03b2 innovative protein combination to help baby absorb key nutrients, but also breaks through the national standard of 4 times the bid compound probiotics combination and GOS + FOS prebiotic gold combination, which is beneficial to the babys intestinal health. With its high-quality formula and the quality assurance of double organic certification from China and EU, jinlingguan seinamu has successively won many awards, such as 2019 infant formula Innovation Award of British FM food health conference, consumers trust in organic milk powder brand in 2019 and itqi international delicious Medal by, and was praised as a pearl in the history of organic milk powder by the media.

We should have the original nutrition and the original concept of child rearing

In addition to protecting childrens original nutrition, Jinling guancena also advocates the original and organic parenting concept to parents, advocates respect, acceptance and tolerance, respect for childrens growth law, and provides children with an organic outlook on life conforming to the law of biological development. This natural way of raising children is being accepted by more parents.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Jinling guancena animal husbandry advocates the concept of original organic child care, and adheres to it for a hundred years. The protection of the original organic can not be limited to one day. Jinlingguancena hope to arouse more peoples attention to the original ecology through the original organic Guardian day. At the same time, based on Yilis 18 year breast milk research and the advantages of global upstream and downstream industrial chain, Jinling guancena animal husbandry also hopes to bring better absorption and higher quality of primary organic nutrition for Chinese babies, so as to make their growth more vitality with natural vitality.

Jinling guancena animal husbandry advocates original organic child rearing concept