Kan apologized to his wife Kardashian: Thank you for being with me

 Kan apologized to his wife Kardashian: Thank you for being with me

Netease Entertainment reported on July 26 that Mr. Kan apologized to his wife Kardashian in a social platform: I apologize to my wife Kim for my reckless behavior. I know I hurt you. Please forgive me and thank you for being with me The divorce farce ended.

It is reported that Kan announced on July 4 that he would participate in the presidential election in November as an independent person. On the night of July 19, he held his first campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. At the first election rally, Kanye broke down on the spot and revealed that he had planned to give up his daughter with Kim Kardashian, who was still his girlfriend.

Since then, Kanye has entered a mode that ordinary people cant understand: he may be locked up by his mother-in-law and his wife like escape from desperate town, and he also wrote that his children would never shoot Playboy magazine. Kardashian finally couldnt bear it. She wrote an article about her husbands behavior, saying that Lord Kan was suffering from bipolar disorder. However, she did not seem to appreciate her wifes statement. She also accused her of having a private meeting with rapper meekmill Hotel, saying that she had long wanted to get divorced. Then the matter was clarified.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788