Ma Yun and Ali are summoned by the Indian court! Claim for 1.9 million yuan due to UC former employees

 Ma Yun and Ali are summoned by the Indian court! Claim for 1.9 million yuan due to UC former employees

Pama was deputy director of the UCWEB office in gurugram until October 2017. He asked for 268000 dollars (about 1.9 million yuan) in compensation. Parmas lawyer declined to comment, saying the case is still under trial.

The lawsuit is the latest hurdle for Alibaba in India, after India removed Alibabas apps such as UC browser from the shelves, and UCWEB began to lay off employees in India.

Previously, UC browsers had at least 689 million downloads in India, compared with 79.8 million downloads from ucnews, according to analyst firm sensor tower.

In court documents, former employee Pama showed summaries of Posts posted on ucnews that he believed were false. A post published in 2017 was titled in Hindi: starting from midnight today, the issue of 2000 rupee notes is prohibited; in 2018, the title of an article is: just now, India Pakistan war, which describes the exchange of fire between India and Pakistan over the disputed border issue. In fact, India has not banned the issuance of 2000 rupee notes, nor has there been a war between India and Pakistan in 2018.

The judge also asked the company and its executives to respond in writing within 30 days, according to the document.

UC India said in a statement that the company is firmly committed to its commitment to the Indian market and the welfare of local employees, and its policies are in line with local laws. We are unable to comment on the ongoing litigation.

An Alibaba representative did not respond to a request for comment. (Chen Chen)

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