80 million former international players have no ball to play! There are five strong players in Hebei in his position

 80 million former international players have no ball to play! There are five strong players in Hebei in his position

Geng Xiaofeng used to be the goalkeeper of the national football team, and his defeat has aroused great concern. It is reported that Huaxia Xingfus move is due to two considerations: first, in terms of goalkeeper, Chi Wenyi basically locks in the main force, veteran Yang Cheng is the substitute, Bao Yaxiong is U23 goalkeeper, and in the design of head coach Xie Feng, under special circumstances, Huaxia will choose Bao Yaxiong to play, so the front can sacrifice the strongest combination; second, the team registration list is really tense, today In addition, the football association requires each team to sign up for 3 U21 players, which means that the number of non-u21 players is 5 less than that of last season.

It is reported that Geng Xiaofeng will continue to train with the team. Once the goalkeeper has an injury or condition problem, Geng can sign up.

Jin Yangyang is a 93 year old member of the National Olympic team. He is happy in China. He has more opportunities in the 2016 season, but then he fell into embarrassment and failed to lock in the absolute main force.

Jin Yangyangs defeat is similar to Geng Xiaofeng. The sharp reduction of non-u21 quota has led to the team having to give up some players with overlapping positions. In the position of center back, meimishevitch, Ren hang and pan Ximing are all relatively stable. In addition, Huaxia Xingfu has also introduced Chen Xiao, a center guard, and Zhang Chengdong, the captain, can also play as a central guard. This position is full of personnel Under the circumstances, after comprehensive consideration, the coach group finally chose not to sign up for Jin Yangyang.

The first game of Huaxia happiness is Hebei Derby. At present, Malcolm and Gorat of the team can play. Although meimishevic returns to the team, the possibility of starting is not too great. Toure will not be banned until 30 days. In terms of local players, Captain Zhang Chengdong recently suffered from injuries and played in doubt, while other players basically did not suffer from injuries.

Source of this article: Liu Kai, editor in charge of football newspaper_ NS4812