Inters 1.9-meter monster shakes 7 seconds! 23 goals in the season match Ronaldinhos career

 Inters 1.9-meter monster shakes 7 seconds! 23 goals in the season match Ronaldinhos career

In the third minute of stoppage time, brozovics backcourt long pass, Lukaku took the ball near the center line and broke into the forbidden area all the way. After that, he drove past Genoa defender Romero on his bicycle, then opened the goal twice with his left foot on the right side of the forbidden area. Although the game had entered the final stage, Lukaku still had enough physical strength to sprint for a long distance. After the game, whoscored gave Lukaku 8.7 points, the highest score of the game.

After the game, Lukaku scored 23 goals in Serie A this season, his first season with Inter. In the past, only two players have scored more Serie A goals in their first season with Inter, namely, Stefano Niles and Ronaldo. The Hungarian player Niles scored 26 goals in Serie A after joining Inter in 1948-49, and Ronaldo scored 25 goals in Serie A after joining Inter in 1997-98.

Of the 23 Serie A goals scored by Lukaku, 15 are away from home. He is also the first Inter player to achieve this in 70 years. The last Inter player to score 15 goals in a single season in Serie A was Niles (1949-50 season). With two Serie A games left for Inter this season, Lukaku has a good chance to score more goals and set a new club record.

In addition, Lukaku also scored two goals in the Champions League, two goals in the European League Cup and two goals in the Italian Cup this season, and a total of 29 goals in various competitions, which also set a new record for Lukakus single season goals in his career. The previous record was 27 goals in 2017-18.

Lukaku said after the match: personally I am happy, but I also want to point out that as a team we can do more. We have a good squad and its not easy to finish second. We want to win and improve as much as possible and I want to help inter achieve that. We have lost too many points in the season, but we are young and want to continue to improve. Now, we have to play the rest of the league and do well in the Europa League

Inter coach Conte also praised Lukakus second goal: Lukaku is an atypical player because although he is 190cm tall, he is also very fast. Hes not only the fulcrum in the front court, but he can attack from the midfield like a rugby player. I insist on bringing him here and he can still improve in terms of touch and aggression in front of the goal. Hes only 27, and if he wants to continue to grow, he will have an important future

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