How much is the level of rumor given by British media

 How much is the level of rumor given by British media

But from belsas point of view, he has no possibility of winning Barcelona. Bersa has just led Leeds United back to the Premier League and enjoys being worshipped in England. However, after Barcelonas presidential election in the next summer, Xavi is likely to take over the Nou Camp. Only one year as interim manager in Barcelona? Belsa, who has always been very ambitious, will certainly regard this as an insult. And belsa will be in talks with Leeds United next week to renew his contract, and his annual salary is likely to rise to 8 million pounds.

Messi has seen this situation countless times. Whenever Barcelona consider a change of coach, there will always be a messichen order so and so news. In the medias mouth, maldino, Enrique, balwade and others are all ordered by Messi, and Messi has long denied these statements.

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