Hangzhou police explain the case: the husband of the missing woman is very good at camouflage

 Hangzhou police explain the case: the husband of the missing woman is very good at camouflage

It is understood that the womans mother came to XX and disappeared at home in the early morning of July 5, and there has been no news. In view of the situation, Jianggan District police immediately organized forces to cooperate with family members to carry out investigation and search work.

In the police investigation, the missing womans husband Xu said that he and Lai XX had gone to bed after watching TV at 10:00 p.m. on the 4th. At about 0:30 a.m. on the 5th, his wife was still in bed when he went to the toilet, but when he got up at 5:00 a.m. on the 5th, he disappeared.

Tang Weiguo, a police officer of the criminal investigation team of Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, told reporters that at that time, various signs showed that this was not like a simple missing event.

It is understood that as a Zhian district, there are 96 internal monitoring and nearly 1000 peripheral monitoring. There are 6 buildings in the community, with 1075 people in 379 households and 179 people in 69 households. At the same time, the underground parking floors of all buildings in the community are open.

The police then transferred a total of 6000 hours long surveillance video since July. At 17:04 on July 4, the missing woman and her little daughter took the elevator of the unit building to go home, and they did not leave the building again.

Subsequently, the police visited 6 unit buildings, 379 families and 1075 households in the community, recording the activities in the key period in detail. In addition, it also includes more than 10000 square meters underground garage, all elevator wells, water tanks, inspection wells, lockers, flues, ventilation pipes and other hidden parts.

At the same time, the police visited and inquired about the family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, friends and other relations of the missing persons. After comprehensive analysis and judgment, the police ruled out all kinds of possibilities, such as leaving by themselves and committing crimes by other people. They initially found Xus suspected crime and clearly listed him as the key object of the special case.

After excluding all possibilities, combined with video investigation and investigation, the police focused on the septic tank in the corridor.

On the afternoon of July 22, the special group carried out the extraction work from the septic tank. The whole process lasted for 25 hours. The 38 vehicles were washed and screened. After on-site extraction and detection, it was found that there was suspected human tissue. After DNA comparison, the missing lady came to XXs human body tissue and judged that Lai was likely to be killed. The case investigation made a major breakthrough, and Xu was suspected of a major crime.

At 1:00 on July 23, Hangzhou police summoned Xu for suspected intentional homicide.

According to the police, the suspect is very good at camouflage. After the incident, he cooperated with his family members to report the case and accept media interviews. He has a strong sense of anti investigation. At 10:00 on July 23, after a night of interrogation, he broke through the confession of the suspect Xu. According to his initial account, he was dissatisfied with coming to XX due to family life conflicts. In the early morning of July 5, he killed him while he was sleeping at home and separated his body and then scattered and discarded.

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