Just 30: Wang mani is not qualified to say that she is not with Liang Zhengxian because of money

 Just 30: Wang mani is not qualified to say that she is not with Liang Zhengxian because of money

Todays title may be reviled, but I still want to write it. Because I do feel that way.

Lets analyze Wang mani.

I felt strange at first that she had two things.

The first is rent. Why does a person with a wage of 1W + rent a 7000 house? Some people may not be very familiar with Shanghai, so to speak, the rent in Shanghai is expensive, but there are also a large number of good houses that can be rented in three or four thousand years. The whole rent is OK. The area is smaller, and it can be solved by taking more subway stations.

And why I dont think its cost-effective to rent a house. Rent money, to go out is to go out, there is no possibility of appreciation, only to provide a convenient living.

Its a big show to rent 7000. Save a little rent every month. In the past eight years, she can save hundreds of thousands of yuan. She can buy a small apartment in her hometown before returning home. Isnt that ten thousand times smarter than renting 7000?

The second is mate selection. Obviously, she not only wants the man to be very rich, but also doesnt look up to the upstarts. She wants to have a taste (interesting), but when I look at it, I think, why dont these men find Bai Fumi, who is also from a wealthy family, and Wang Mani, who has an average background and education background?

Its not that they look down on sales, and Wang manis working ability should also be recognized. However, from the perspective of rich men, they usually dont like the other half engaged in the industry where the people they are facing are too mixed. Its not difficult to understand that only good girls born with gold spoons are suitable and easy for them, and the error rate is extremely low.

This character, not for the sake of money, is far from casual, and even sometimes surprisingly simple, but she is actually quite intoxicated with the life she cant afford.

The vanity side is still deep.

So Gu Jia said that she was heading for the executive class at the beginning, which was absolutely right.

Her self-awareness is not thorough enough. She thinks that she likes Liang Zhengxians warm and romantic feelings. She tells herself that this is what really attracts her in this relationship. In fact, its not. She likes him wearing expensive suits and chatting with her in places where service charges are added. Express Hotels dont have service charges. Ordinary afternoon tea restaurants dont add money by window. Besides, she likes him all the time If you can find a plane to follow you, you cant do it without tens of millions of people a year.

On business trips all over the world, those who leave room numbers of five-star hotels are absolutely successful. There is no other characteristic behind them, that is, money.

Ironically, Gu Jia hated this affair and advised her to leave Liang Zhengxian. In real life, people like Liang Zhengxian would marry Gu Jia, a strong woman who can really grow a family, if they dont marry a small white flower.

Graduated from shangwai, EQ is very high, can manage the company, can mix circle. She is more likely to marry into a rich family than Wang mani.

Wang mani has been a cabinet sister for so many years, but she still doesnt understand. Most people are snobbish, and most of them even try to find the other half. Although I know this is a TV play, its not impossible for the screenwriter to let Liang Zhengxian leave everything behind and be with her, but! Wake up and yell at me

Dont mention the rich. Ordinary mens monthly salary is 10000. Many of them have to secretly despise their girlfriends with a monthly salary of 4000. Its human nature to care. How can you naively feel that you are born extraordinary and can surpass the standards of universal obsession.

Anyway, in real life, girls like Wang mani wont find a satisfactory partner.

The person who likes is really not worthy of it, does not have the same conditions, and must adhere to it, and must go to tragedy.


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