All beidou-3 satellites have completed networking. Why is there no mobile phone setting?

 All beidou-3 satellites have completed networking. Why is there no mobile phone setting?

Beidou has been with us for a long time

Many friends may not know that Beidou has been able to provide positioning and navigation services long before the completion of the network, and mobile phones carrying Beidou navigation have been on the market for a long time. For example, Xiaomi 4, which was released six years ago, is the first Xiaomi mobile phone to support Beidou navigation. It can be seen that Beidou is not a gimmick.

In fact, these positioning systems belong to GPS. If GPS is a large collection, then it includes four subsets: GPS of the United States, GLONASS GLONASS of Russia, Galileo of Europe and Beidou of China. Just for convenience, early mobile phones used GPS instead of positioning function, but now it is basically changed back. If you dont believe you can see your mobile phone, is it the same as GPS before Its called location information or location service..

Heres a little story. In the last century, the United States built its own navigation system GPS. Although GPS can be used for global free civilian use, in military terms, the United States can interfere with or block GPS signals in a specific area. Therefore, fierce competition on satellite navigation systems has been launched among various powers.

At that time, Chinas technical strength was weak, so we had to seek European technology to help develop satellite systems. So we spent a lot of money to develop Galileo navigation system together with Europe. However, before the matter was completed, Europe kicked us out and refused to allow us to participate in the core technical links. Finally, we had to break up with Europe. After breaking up, we learned from our bitter experience and finally got more Two years later, Beidou navigation system was built successfully. However, Galileo in Europe has not been launched completely.

The love and hatred between Beidou and Galileo can only be described as you love me today, but I will make you unable to stand up tomorrow.

The successful networking of ligui app Beidou navigation has become a hot topic. Many people are eager to install and use Beidou navigation on their mobile phones, so they open the app store to download it. However, it is not as simple as expected.

As for the navigation app, the official website of Beidou has not published the relevant download information, and the official has not publicized any mobile navigation app. So whats the problem? What is the origin of the so-called Beidou navigation in the app store?

With curiosity, I installed this app called Beidou navigation map. It is an app with 109000 downloads in the app store. The score is even higher than that of Gode map. However, after opening it, I found that it is no different from other navigation apps. Moreover, the interface is rough and crude, and the map function is not perfect. The most ridiculous thing is that it shows obvious flaws. The interface is on the left The logo of Baidu map appears in the lower corner. After opening the menu, you can also switch to Gaode map to provide services

So now it has been proved that Beidou navigation map is a thorough Li Gui app, which is completely a shell Baidu / Gaode map, and can be used on any mobile phone. So what is the purpose of these ligui apps?

Through Tianyan search, the developer Xiamen Chuangshi thread Technology Co., Ltd. found that this is a small and micro enterprise. Its business and products are mainly H5 games, calendars, wechat business and other tool apps. These apps all share the same characteristics. I also found that the open screen page and interface are full of all kinds of unreliable books in the process of using Beidou navigation map In addition, there are some similar Li Gui apps that even dare to charge for them.

By searching the major app stores, I found that there are not a few of these Li Gui apps, but they are also found in various fields such as illegal inquiry, medical system, transportation and so on. They often appear in the major app stores in the form of touching porcelain or rubbing hot. Among them, Beidou navigation app takes advantage of the publics enthusiasm for Beidou navigation, as long as there are enough users to download and use it The black hearted developers will be able to make a steady stream of huge advertising expenses, and even more will be embedded in the phishing website, leaving a back door or Trojan horse.

In my opinion, the proliferation of Li Gui apps has a lot to do with the supervision of app stores and relevant departments. As users, we should also carefully screen search results and be more aware of prevention to avoid being cheated.

Beidou silently guards your trip back to the theme. Since Beidou has been popular on mobile phones for a long time, why do we not only have no perception, but also give the ligui app an opportunity to take advantage of it.

In fact, in addition to Apples iPhone, almost all domestic mobile phones are equipped with Beidou navigation module, and all support Beidou Positioning and navigation functions. More strictly speaking, they support Beidou, GPS, Galileo and GLONASS at the same time. When we need to travel navigation, the various systems work together. Map app will call satellites with high signal strength to track multiple positioning systems for joint positioning operation, which can better ensure the accuracy and reliability of positioning.

I checked the geek satellite navigation center near the Commons. There are 24 Beidou satellites accompanying us. If you want to know how many Beidou satellites you have, you can focus on the Geeks official account (WeChat: GeekChoice), and return the Big Dipper keyword, and you can get the Beidou satellite near your home. If you want to know more details, you can. Using a satellite search app called cellular-z, it can search how many navigation satellites are near you. According to actual tests and netizens comments, Beidou navigation has an overwhelming advantage in the Asia Pacific region. Both the number of satellites and the signal strength are far better than other positioning systems.

Therefore, as long as your mobile phone has the Beidou navigation module and any navigation software, you can use Beidou when you travel everyday. There is no need to install a separate Beidou navigation app. Moreover, Beidou official has not launched such app. They have fully put Beidou into the reasonable market competition.

As long as the enterprise has the technical ability, it can use Beidou for product research and development. Therefore, there is no contract between an enterprise and Beidou system, let alone the situation that an enterprise operates Beidou system!

Nowadays, Beidou has become a WiFi like existence for individuals. It can help us plan travel routes and achieve accurate positioning. In the future, Beidou is believed to have broader use scenarios in the field of unmanned driving.

From a more macro point of view, Beidou has also brought great help to the whole society. In recent days, Beidou successfully predicted the disaster situation through accurate monitoring of the terrain, reducing unnecessary losses.

There is a saying that true science and technology will make us not feel the existence of science and technology. Beidou is protecting us silently. I believe that in the future, we will see more important national tools like Beidou. After all, real technology is good and will help mankind go further and further.