Its not that love is bitter, but that you dont know: wisdom comes and goes

 Its not that love is bitter, but that you dont know: wisdom comes and goes

Recently, in the letter received by Mingyi, too many friends pour out their hurt in love, have suffered hardships, shed tears, and those who see that they are going to lose but are forced to stay. You love really and deeply, but ignore the love itself.

Its not that love is bitter, but you dont know. It comes and goes with wisdom.

What is fate?

Some people say, met, fell in love, this is fate. Since it is fate, how can I be willing to break up easily?

Mingyi believes that no matter how good the fate is, no matter how good the relationship is, we need to cherish it.

In addition to once had a common memory, even love when the air can not stay, and why?

Fate, is always in love with the United States, if it has become the past, please believe, this is called predestination.

Many people think that love is bitter, I give all, but the other side sneers.

Just because you have paid all, you are not willing to let go easily, for fear that your efforts have been wasted.

According to Mingyi, there are some things that we cant control, but we can control ourselves.

When we love each other, we should keep three in seven, and control the heart that we want to give. This is not selfishness, but wisdom. After all, the future is such a long way.

Break up, can not do free and easy, please do not in front of each others face, tears at the end of love, is the most unworthy thing, because the other party has no love, ignore, your grievances in the rest of life will become the most shameless appearance of the other party.

The most worthless thing about love is that you still care about it when you dont love it.

Care about the original pay, care about the tolerance of the other party, care about their love is too true too full but cant charge back the cost

All of all, just want to give a definition of this wrong love: its wrong to pay.

Love is too full, you are tired. Love is wrong, you keep worrying and angry.

Mingyi thinks that the most tired moment of love is that he has no strength to be angry and care about.

If you can still care, but also angry, it is not hurt enough, the real love hurt lung, has long lost the care and anger of strength and courage, because he knows, everything is wrong from the beginning.

I do not know that the soul has been broken, empty with dreams, but no one knows except the horizon of the moon.

Its not that love is bitter, but that you dont know: wisdom comes and goes.

Please believe that he comes with sincerity.

When you go, please believe that you can still walk alone.