Thank you for your father? Dont be fooled by the storytellers video

 Thank you for your father? Dont be fooled by the storytellers video

Recently, several videos of a girls gratitude to her parents after she was admitted to Tsinghua University has become popular on social media. While netizens like it one after another, it has been noticed that in these videos, the same girl was admitted to Tsinghua University, but her fathers identity was worker on the construction site, one was bottle picker, the other was vegetative. Such a turning point was shocking

In recent days, the results of the college entrance examination have been announced one after another. Candidates can finally decide which university to go to according to their test results.

Then, such a video became popular on the Internet: in the hot sun, a ragged man was searching for an old drink bottle in the garbage can with a garbage bag. The girl, holding the acceptance letter from Tsinghua University, ran to the man and yelled Dad, I passed the exam. Before the words fell, she held the mans arm and knelt down with tears in her eyes

Poor students rely on their own efforts to change their fate, still do not forget the story of Thanksgiving parents, the impact of the picture, with the background music turned sad, many netizens left moving tears.

In another video, the girl, with two braids and messy hair, sits in front of the hospital bed and shakes her father on the hospital bed, shouting Dad, you wake up soon. Ive been admitted to Tsinghua University. I miss you so much and I miss you so much. But the vegetative father never opened his eyes;

When the camera is far away, the girl cries heartrendingly and falls beside her father. It can be said that the listener is sad and the listener is in tears

The same scene happened on a construction site. The man was moving bricks. His daughter in school uniform was kneeling down to him crying with the admission notice of Tsinghua University

Several videos spread on a short video platform. After a single video is forwarded by big V, the number of likes exceeds one million. Many netizens are deeply moved.

However, some netizens found that something was wrong. This single video was nothing. Watching several videos together led to a problem: how can a girl who has been admitted to Tsinghua University always be a person, but her fathers identity has been changing? Girl, how many good dads do you have?

In the face of doubt, in the early morning of this morning, the filmmakers of several videos called it unfair on the short video platform, I said that I was just a storyteller. I never said that my jokes were true. If you think Im cheating your tears, I would like to ask you, why dont you go to them when you see those Korean dramas in tears? This is originally a positive energy joke. I want children to know that it is not easy for them to know their parents, and then they go to school to thank their parents

Caibo also revealed that the platform considered its video illegal and limited its account current for 10 days. He said, Im very aggrieved. I didnt open a live broadcast to ask for a gift, and I didnt ask for any sponsorship. Why should I say Im cheating? If Im cheating, then all the Duanzi players are cheating.

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