Weilai new car ec6 starts at 368000, Li Bin: whats better than Tesla Model y

 Weilai new car ec6 starts at 368000, Li Bin: whats better than Tesla Model y

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Half a year later, when ID: Auto time saw Li Bin, CEO of Weilai again, Weilais situation was quite different from before. Through life and death, get the favor of capital, and turn the situation around in just a few months, Li Bins words also have a little more confidence and calm. The oil tanker was quickly sold to replace the tramcar. If the tramcar bought 300000 yuan or 400000 yuan, it must buy Weilai.

Interestingly, Weilai automobile also launched the blind box for car purchase. The owner who ordered the Weilai ec6 between July 24 and August 24 and completed the number selection can get the blind box. The prizes include the opportunity to have dinner with Li Bin in the Michelin star restaurant. Future auto daily found that after Li Bin finished his speech, Anjin, chairman of Jianghuai Automobile, also came to the Weilai exhibition stand to talk with Li Bin under the stage.

Weilai has successively obtained 7 billion yuan of financing and 10.4 billion yuan of non guaranteed and non mortgage credit in Hefei City, Anhui Province. The relationship between Weilai ec6 and Jianghuai Automobile seems to be further deepened. This time, Weilai ec6 is also manufactured in the factory of Weilai.

Li Bin admitted at the media communication meeting after the Chengdu auto show that in the short term, Weilai has passed the life and death line, its gross profit rate has been increasing, and its profits are also in the process of transfer. But whether we can win the competition in the next 10 years or even 20 years, the pressure is increasing, because the time window is getting narrower and narrower..

It is relatively easy to solve the current problems, and it will be more difficult to make decisions for the future, because you never know what the decisions you make today will mean in three or five years time, but cars are long-term products. Li Bin said.

How will Weilai grasp the opportunities in the future? What are the new plans for technology R & D and marketing management? How to set the price of ec6? What are the bottlenecks in the power exchange mode? Li Bin and Qin Lihong, President of Weilai, gave detailed answers in an interview with ID: Auto time and other media.

Extraction of key information points:

1. As of the time of publication, there are 139 new power stations in Weilai. On average, one new power station is opened in a week, and at most 2-3 new power stations are opened in a week. It is not considered to open the exchange stations to other brands for the time being;

2. XPT (Weilai drive technology) has been the first in China for high performance motors above 150 kW, and is talking about strategic cooperation with many enterprises;

3. The fourth model of Weilai car may be produced and manufactured in Weilai factory in Jianghuai, and Weilai No.2 factory is also under planning;

4. By the end of this year, there are more than 200 omnipace stores and will have more than 200 outlets;

Battery rental is a big business

Li Bin: we are speeding up the research and development of a new generation of power stations. After the success of the research and development, the cost will be further reduced and the efficiency will be further improved, and we will use it on a larger scale. Now we drive a power station every week. By next year, there will be more, because it is cheaper, more efficient and more cars.

Switching and charging are suitable for different scenarios. Changing power stations must be a particularly important investment. Take the college entrance examination as an example. Charging is the same thing for all of us. It is a normal college entrance examination. But changing electricity is our Olympic gold medal, plus points. So charging is very good, there are bonus items, the probability of entering a good university is much higher.

Qin Lihong: to add, as of today, there are 139 replacement power stations in Weilai. This data is updated every week. On average, one new power station is opened a week, and sometimes two or three power stations can be opened a week.

Q: How will the battery service mode of baas be disclosed?

Li Bin: baas is very complicated. It is much more complicated than you think. We have been preparing for it for five years, and the details will be discussed when it is officially released. I think this is going to be a huge business model innovation in the global electric vehicle industry, and we are very happy to see more and more car companies adopt it. Many domestic Chinese brands have taken action, and Weilai capital has invested in a company called Aodong.

Li Bin source: Weilai

Q: Is Weilai going to set up a battery asset management company? Does Ningde times invest in the company?

Li Bin: we are a listed company, so the announcement shall prevail. But there is no doubt that we will establish such a company. What is big business in electric vehicle industry? Battery asset management is the biggest business. Assuming that more than 200 million cars in China are electric vehicles, even if a user spends 10000 yuan a year to rent batteries, the rental of photovoltaic cells is 2 trillion yuan.

Q: What kind of business model will power exchange be? How many more power stations will be added in the future to maintain the balance of supply and demand?

Q: Will Weilai open the power station to other brands?

However, our abilities of overcharging piles, one button power up, mobile charging vehicles and battery monitoring are all open. Welcome to use, and already someone is using, we do not emphasize brand exposure.

Weilai power station source: Weilai

Li Bin: there is no doubt that ec6 and modely are in direct competition. We must have considered the long-term competitive strategy when making pricing. The method we adopt is to set the price in place at one time, and then continuously improve the efficiency through our own scale and (Sales) volume, and increase the gross profit rate. In fact, we dont pay special attention to what others do.

Generally speaking, for luxury brand models, the sedan SUV is 10% more expensive. Logically speaking, it should be set at about 400000. Compared with BMW x4, 400000 still has certain advantages. We take the super fiber ceiling and advanced audio as the standard configuration, and the acceleration performance is further adjusted and subsidized. On the whole, we only increased the price by 10000, which is definitely the most cost-effective.

In addition, Weilai has some advantages

Secondly, we can exchange electricity and separate vehicle and electricity. Weilai will provide baas battery rental service in the near future, and the industry authorities are also very supportive of the power exchange route. In the future, when ec6 is actually delivered, our big solution (baas battery rental service) will definitely come out. After the separation of vehicle and electricity, it means that for cars without batteries, the down payment and monthly supply will be calculated at a lower price, and the purchase cost will be greatly reduced.

At present, the matter of baas is much more complicated than you think. We have held 16 meetings this year, and we still have some business process work to do, because this is system innovation.

Third, for cars with a total of 300000 or more, only the tram type can get the state subsidy. With ec6 distance, individuals can get about 18000 state subsidies.

Ec6 and ES6 are based on the same platform. They are different in appearance and interior, and adapt to different groups and users. The use of these two cars is also different. The rear space of ES6 is better, while the shape of ec6 is more beautiful.

Weilai ec6 appeared in Chengdu auto show

Q: How many models can the flexibility of the current factory production line allow? And when is the capacity likely to encounter bottlenecks?

Q: Weilai L4 autopilot currently chooses to cooperate with Mobileye. Will it strive for the autonomy of R & D in the future?

Li Bin: ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) is undoubtedly one of our priorities. Last year, we strengthened the strength of the Chinese team. Now the core of ADAS is the Chinese team. Although the R & D uses Mobileye chips, Weilai does the integration of all control systems.

In the long run, ADAS focuses on four aspects: chip, system, algorithm and data. We must establish the full stack capability now, and the chip must also hope to adopt the most competitive chip. So far, the chip of mobileyeq4 is the most high-end.

As for the issue of autonomy, I can only say that there are all possibilities. Our next platform hopes to be able to go directly beyond some of the current mass production vehicles and do it with higher standards. Our style of doing things is to be more cruel to ourselves, not willing to copy other peoples things, and establish a positive system.

Q: At present, Weilais three power plants are located in Nanjing, with a capacity of 300000. Now the production capacity is far greater than the terminal sales volume. How to consider the cost?

Li Bin: XPT itself is an independent company. We are talking about strategic cooperation with many enterprises. Welcome to share this platform. It is true that in those years, the investment was larger, 280000 units, and now it is still used less. However, XPT is No.1 of Chinas high-performance motors above 150KW.

Nanjing advanced manufacturing center source: Weilai drive technology official website

Q: Electronic control is the most important of the three electric power. How does Weilai grasp the direction of software development?

Li Bin: all the software and integration related to the three power companies are all made by ourselves, and the hardware will use some supply chain. We have more than a dozen models in cell security. You can see, more than half of the R & D personnel in Weilai are software related. Now, four of the R & D team members reported to me are all software related, and we need to add two more positions related to software.

Qin Lihong: Although Weilai established a complete set of online marketing mechanism at the beginning, it brought us many first mover advantages during the epidemic period. But we think offline stores are very important.

The main function of offline stores is to facilitate users to experience and understand the products. Because most users need experience to buy automobile products, we have been committed to the development of offline stores in recent years.

The first type of niohouse is called Niuwu by users. In addition to carrying the function of product display, Niuwu is also an offline gathering place for users communities. We may lay out cattle houses in large economic centers. The construction cycle of a NiO house will take more than a year. Last year, Weilai encountered some economic pressure. We delayed this plan for several years, but we will gradually build NiO house.

The second is niospace. Although it only started in the second half of last year, Weilai space is already in the planning. Weilai space is also open to other investors to participate in investment, but the car sales business is directly operated by Weilai, covering an area of 80 to 300 square meters, depending on the possibility of the site. So far, there are 134 niohouse and niospace, and the total number of stores should exceed 200 by the end of this year.

In the future, we will maintain more than 200 offline stores, and constantly increase new stores and increase penetration, so that users can have close access to products. Therefore, this strategy is as important as online operation.

Source of Qin Lihong: Weilai

Q: During the epidemic period, sales volume of Weilai has been growing against the trend. In addition to the advantages of online marketing system, what are the reasons?

Qin Lihong: there are two main reasons: first, since February 1, all regional companies in Weilai have to do more than 40 live broadcasts every day, which is spontaneous. From the beginning of February to the first ten days of March, 2000 live broadcasting was done in about 40 days, which was the reward of hard work.

Second, recommendation from regular users. During the epidemic period, offline activities almost stopped, and the sales share recommended by users was particularly large. 69% of the transactions announced in the first quarter were recommended by regular users.

Q: When does Weilai expect to sell 100000 sets? Has Wei Lai passed the most difficult time?

Li Bin: Although we delivered half a year in 2018, it was 10000 units a year. Although it was very difficult last year, we also achieved 10000 units in half a year. In the second quarter of this year, we also hope to see 10000 units per month or even 10000 units per week. If we have confidence in the long-term, we hope to achieve the goal of 10000.

In the short term, we have crossed a life and death line. This year, we have raised about $900 million in the US dollar market, RMB 7 billion in the RMB market, and RMB 10.4 billion in non guaranteed and non secured loans. From the capital point of view, plus the gross profit margin, our profits will continue to transfer.

But its hard to say how to define life and death. Although we have gone from intensive care unit to general ward, and then to physical training, whether we can win the future and win the competition in 2025 and 2035, I think the pressure is increasing, because the time window is getting narrower and narrower.

The more difficult it is to be an enterprise in the future, and the more challenges it will face in the later stage. In the past few years, our goal was very clear, that is to deliver es8 and release the brand. Last year, we wanted to survive. This year, the challenge is how to make the right decisions about future competition.

Its relatively easy to solve the current problems, and it will be more difficult to make decisions for the future, because you never know what the decisions you make today will mean in three or five years, but cars are long-term products. Can not stop to improve their own judgment ability, decision-making ability, the ability of the whole company.

Q: Do you think traditional 4S shops will disappear? In addition, how does Weilai carry the after-sales function of traditional 4S stores?

Li Bin: the main source of profit for dealers is service. I dont think it will change for a long time. Now, Weilai also has more than 200 authorized service centers. The main body of these centers is the after-sales service part of the traditional high-end brand 4S stores. For example, repairing all aluminum body parts, we are also very efficient, and they can get extra income. In fact, dealers dont have to worry about no business in the future.

Although there will be some niospace partners, it is basically settled by transaction, which is not a traditional concept of dealers. I think dealers have unique value. We have a lot of space for cooperation with dealers. Dealers should pay more attention to their own user service, user input, marketing and efficiency management.

Q: From Weilais first day online to now, how much is the input cost of a single user? Is it lower or higher?

Q: Will it be more and more difficult to enter the overseas market in the next 3-5 years?

Weilai will definitely enter the mainstream high-end markets such as Europe and the United States to position high-end models. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, we spent a lot of time discussing the global plan. We also established a special internal inter departmental organization to plan the global market and strategy. Now it is almost clear that we are almost ready to enter the implementation state. This means that we start to prepare products, personnel and other aspects.

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