The young man of this small town broke into the American Grand league from rural China

 The young man of this small town broke into the American Grand league from rural China

Yi Jian first came into contact with baseball, which was related to his cousin Yi Shuai.

At that time, Iraq University was selected to be a professional school in Beijing. Although Yi Jian was not present, he heard that his brother had gone to Beijing for playing baseball, which made him curious about the game and decided that playing baseball should be very interesting.

In the summer of 2010, Li Wei, a baseball coach of Dacheng school in Beijing, came to the village to select materials again. Yi Jian, who had just finished his second grade of primary school, insisted on signing up despite his parents obstruction. Finally, he was selected to come to Beijing, which was his first formal contact with baseball.

However, there is no such good thing in the world. The reality immediately taught 9-year-old Yi Jian a lesson: he normally studies cultural lessons in the morning and baseball training in the afternoon. The school management is very strict, and there is no time to play 24 hours a day.

Yi Jian, who was supposed to have classes with everyone in school, lived a life of Beipiao ahead of time. He could only go home for 15-20 days during the Spring Festival every year. Once the holiday was over, he had to re engage in new study and training. The boring training life made Yi Jian want to give up baseball for a time, but his parents who opposed his going to Beijing did not agree with his son.

My mother told me you can practice, but you cant give up. If you give up, Ill send it to you. Yi Jian recalled: the second year of practice, I went home on holiday. I told my mother that the training was too hard and wanted to give up. As a result, my mother chased me for a fight, so I had to go back.

Compared with other team-mates, Yi Jian, who was born in small town, is not as good at catching baseball as other players. However, he has a strong sense of winning and doesnt want to drag down his teammates because he doesnt play well, so he trains harder. By the sixth grade, he had made great progress in his playing skills, and when he regained his self-confidence, he also set a goal for himself: he must play in the United States one day.

In the primary school group of the 2011 national baseball championship, Yi Jian helped the team win the championship as a relay pitcher. In the following years, he went to the top of the competition with Dacheng school, won the best pitcher award many times, and participated in the U15 and U18 Youth Baseball Championships on behalf of the Chinese team.

Here, Yi Jian received more scientific and systematic training and began to communicate with the coach in English. As a pitcher, his fastest ball speed increased from 130 km / h to 143 km / h. With his hard work, Yi Jian made his mark in the competitions and opened up a way for himself to go to professional baseball. He signed with the Milwaukee Brewers on the eve of his 18th birthday.

After signing the contract, Yi Jians happiest thing is that he can make money to repay his parents. He only keeps a part of his living expenses for himself, and the rest of the signing money is given to his mother. And his later wish is to enter the major league as soon as possible, earn more money, and invite his parents to the United States to watch his game.

It is worth mentioning that his cousin Yi Shuai, who inspired him to learn baseball at that time, is now a member of the Shanghai Golden Eagle team. Both brothers have a bright future.

However, entering the minor league is only Yi Jians first step, and every step in the future becomes more difficult.

Xu Guiyuan was the first player to sign a contract with MLB baseball development center. After learning that Yi Jian signed the contract with three players, he gave his students a general knowledge of the American professional baseball.

There are six levels of professional baseball. In addition to the highest Major League, there are five minor leagues below. You go to the rookie league with the lowest level. There are seven levels, one major league and six minor leagues, said Xu. Every spring training, there are at least two or three players at each level competing for the same position. Pitching is the most competitive position, with nearly 50 pitchers in 100 players. You (Yi Jian) and he (Zhao Lun) will be opponents. One will play and the other will definitely sit on the bench. The elimination rate there is very high

Compared with teammate Zhao Lun, Yi Jian is the weaker side. According to Zhang Baoshu, head coach of MLB Nanjing baseball development center, Yi Jian played 30 games in the previous season, and only 58 strikeouts were made in the previous season, while Zhao Lun completed 48 strikeouts in only 18 innings.

When he arrived in Milwaukee, Yi Jian really felt the cruelty of professional baseball. Less than half of the players in the new league can stay every year, and few players can advance to the next league. As a result, Yi Jian has seen his teammates changing rooms empty, only the strong can stay.

Whats more troublesome is that Yi Jian, who just came to the United States, is very unadaptable to the local eating habits. He always likes to eat warm Chinese food, but the team canteen only has cold food, which leads to diarrhea all the time, and it is reported that his weight has plummeted before long. If the players dont eat well, they naturally lose their state. Yi Jians throwing speed drops to the level of Dacheng middle school.

My mind is broken and I want to cry every day. This is Yi Jians initial experience of the minor league. His new diet, living environment, coaching and training mode made him very anxious. However, he left home at the age of 9 and lived alone. He showed a strong adaptability and tried to solve his eating problems by cooking himself.

Now that Im here, Im not going to give up. With this belief, Yi Jian persisted and began to make friends and go to the supermarket as normal as in China. The rest of the time was to practice hard and even hold the ball when eating, saying that it could increase the sense of the ball.

Due to the outbreak of the new championship, Yi Jian, who had planned to return to the United States after the end of the new year, was trapped in China. He thought he could catch up with the spring training in April, but the epidemic continued to spread in the United States, and MLB was suspended for a long time. The second round was announced two days ago. However, the minor league has not received specific information, Yi Jian can only practice at home, but also delved into new pitching skills.

Li Xuecheng, Li Weis nephew, is a senior student one year older than Yijian. In 2018, he officially became a junior baseball coach, leading the team to achieve good results. Currently, he works in a school in Zhejiang Province, in charge of 21 students from grade one to grade four. There are nearly 200 students like Li Xuecheng. They usually cooperate with local schools in the way of club rooted in the campus, but the training level is still uneven.

The children at Dacheng school are training

According to the China Baseball Association, four million people in China have been exposed to baseball, and 100000 people often play baseball. Of course, nearly half of the population of big baseball countries like the United States and Japan have played baseball. In addition, there are only 720 registered professional baseball players and 45 national referees. The development and popularization of baseball in China still has a long way to go.

Yi Sheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Baseball Association, pointed out that if we want to promote baseball in China, we should first cultivate enough qualified referees and coaches, and secondly, the national team should be able to play well. If we can achieve these two points, baseball can be popularized in the highest efficiency. But the national team this burden, naturally falls on Yi Jian their generation, the task is not without difficulty.

The coach told Zhang Baoshu that as long as he played the first six innings (nine innings in total) in his last minor league game, he could go home to take a bath, pack his bags and fly to the major league team to report. It was the pinnacle of Zhangs career. He hit two home runs in the first five innings, and it was the first time he had done it twice in a game.

You know, this is life. I always say that if my leg doesnt break, maybe I wont have a chance to come to China and lie down with you and teach you how to play. So I feel very lucky to be with you and help you realize the dreams that I didnt realize when I was young.

In fact, your baseball career is very short, and 13 years will soon pass. So enjoy the time with your teammates and the process of playing baseball, but dont forget to put in 100% effort. I also hope that one day, I can fly from China to Milwaukee to see you play the major league. Good luck to you. The story of small town youth pursuing dreams of the American Grand League is just unfolding. This article source: Netease sports manuscript Author: nanyangyu responsible editor: Ma bile_ NS4800

In fact, your baseball career is very short, and 13 years will soon pass. So enjoy the time with your teammates and the process of playing baseball, but dont forget to put in 100% effort. I also hope that one day, I can fly from China to Milwaukee to see you play the major league. Good luck to you.

The story of small town youth pursuing dreams of the American Grand League is just unfolding.