Forward looking: Beijing Guangdong match becomes focus game, playoffs match or change dramatically

 Forward looking: Beijing Guangdong match becomes focus game, playoffs match or change dramatically

Due to the lead behind Guangsha and Zhejiang have only one winning game, and the two teams are in a split disadvantage. Therefore, Liaoning must beat Sichuan in order to lock in the top four of the regular season; and because Beijing may lose against Guangdong in the final game, if Liaoning wins Sichuan successfully, they will rise to the third place in the regular season, so as to avoid falling into the same half area with Guangdong.

15: 00, Shanghai vs. Shandong

Shandong team is currently ranked 10th with 24-21, but they are the same as Qingdao, which is ranked 8th, and Jilin, which ranks 9th. Due to the match between Jilin and Qingdao in the final round of the regular season, Shandong can at least rise to the ninth place as long as Shandong defeats Shanghai; if Jilin defeats Qingdao, Shandong can rise to eighth place after winning.

In the last game against Beijing, Beikong was 22 points behind at most. Although they were tenacious in catching up, they failed in the end. Beikong lost the Beijing Derby 86-102; in the last game of August 1, Shen Zijie, Li muhao, Gu Quan and Meng duo of the other side took turns off, while Zou Yuchen of Bayi team came back, and eventually Bayi team defeated Shenzhen team 106-91.

20: Guangdong vs Beijing

In Guangdongs last game against Tongxi, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie scored 11-15 three-point shots and scored 47 points, helping Guangdong team to win 131-106 victory over Tongxi team and winning 28 consecutive victories; Beijings last match against Beijing control ushered in the Beijing City Derby, led by Lin Shuhaos career high 38 points, Beijing beat Beijing control team 102-86 to win 11 consecutive victories, and locked in the top four position in the regular season.

When Guangdong plays Beijing, the opponent can use foreign aid for 4 periods and 6 person times. Lin Shuhao is in good condition, and his cooperation with Youdu is becoming more and more tacit. With Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhu Yanxi, Fang Shuo and other powerful domestic players, they are undoubtedly one of Guangdongs strongest opponents on the way to the championship. This game may be a preview of the semifinals or finals. Zhao Rui, who had been sprained before, may be absent from the battle, and the other main players of both sides may be on the stage.

20: Fujian vs Tongxi

In Fujians last game against Shanghai, Wang Zhelin and Lawson both scored 30 +, leading Fujian team 127-120 to beat Shanghai team; Tongxis last challenge to Guangdong, although Joseph Yang scored 48 points, the overall strength of the disadvantage, or Tongxi team 106-131 defeated Guangdong team.

If Fujian can win the first world war against Tongxi, their final ranking in the regular season may rise to the 11th place, and the opponents in the first round of the playoffs and their semi regions will change. However, the other sides number one scoring point Joseph - Yangs recent state, plus the guard in the interior line hadadi, Fujian team want to pass is not easy.