Yimeng legendary martial arts arena competition, every word has been insulted

 Yimeng legendary martial arts arena competition, every word has been insulted

There is no shortage of masters in the martial arts, especially the performing ones. In the video, Gong Sun Sheng, a hero of the water margin, is close to one of the four friends of the south of the Yangtze River. Modeling can be said to be very martial arts, but to tell the truth, martial arts movies dare not shoot like this.

It should be noted that as long as the events are legal and compliant, and adequate security is provided, encouragement and support should be given. This point is also very clear in the documents of the General Administration of sports, when organs, institutions and sports associations hold Wushu events, they should choose the organizers openly, fairly and fairly, and encourage and support the extensive participation of the society.

However, giving full market freedom does not mean that we can act willfully. If we are trying to fish in troubled waters, engage in vulgar speculation, and tarnish the reputation of martial arts and local governments, we should resolutely say no. Master in white is better than Yan Fang, the female master who beats people in the air.

As early as 2017, the General Administration of sports issued the notice on Further Strengthening the supervision and management of Wushu events, requiring martial arts practitioners and practitioners not to self Title themselves as master, leader, authentic and personal, and not engage in illegal activities such as gambling, fraud and illegal fund-raising through martial arts competitions and activities. In July this year, the China Wushu Association also issued the proposal on strengthening the self-discipline of the industry and promoting the martial arts culture, which proposed that the title of master, leader, authentic and personal should not be allowed.

Dont mention that it has not been reported and approved. Just looking at the name of the program of Yimeng legendary martial arts challenge arena competition, it insults Yimeng, legend, martial arts, arena, competition and competition respectively. If we have to say that its martial arts, whether its traditional or modern, I dont believe in killing me.. If you want to say that the only one who has the ability, I only serve the judges on the scene. The ability to hold back a smile is really powerful.

There can be mediocre and weak in Wulin, but there cant be swindlers and rascals. In the future, such martial arts masters want to see one fight one. Of course, in civilized society, this fight is not a real fight, but a strict law enforcement by law enforcement departments.