Chelseas worst ever goalkeeper is willing to leave with a pay cut! Or return to La Liga

 Chelseas worst ever goalkeeper is willing to leave with a pay cut! Or return to La Liga

This season, Kepas performance is simply unbearable, the data are very bad. Statistics show that he has become the new Regent: in the Premier League, the success rate of saving is 54.5%, the first from the bottom; in the Champions League, the success rate of saving is 50%, the last one; the expected number of goals dropped is - 9.2, the Premier League is the penultimate, and the five major leagues are fourth from the bottom As kappa made his way to the chelmon line, the opponents snickered and the blue players shivered.

According to the daily mail, Kepa can be called the worst goalkeeper in the history of Chelsea. Kappa has played 6% of the Premier League games (69 times) for Chelsea, losing 8% (86 goals) of the total number of Premier League goals lost by the team, averaging 1.25 goals per game, while the average of 1.25 goals per game is the fourth from the bottom of all goalkeepers (more than 10 appearances) in the history of the team. Given the fame and value of the last three goalkeepers, it is not too much to say that Kepa is the worst goalkeeper in the history of the team.

If only the data of this season are taken into account, Kepa has made 33 appearances in the Premier League, losing 47 goals and 1.42 goals per game, which is the second worst goalkeeper in the history of the Premier League in a single season, second only to grodas (1.5 goals per game) in 1996-97. Moreover, Kepa averaged 1.08 goals per game last season, ranking 10th in the history of Chelsea. At the same time, kappa has been shot 97 times this season. OPTAs data model shows that kappas theoretical number of goals dropped should be 32.4, but he actually dropped 43, 10.6 more than expected.

A number of media have revealed that Lampard has completely lost confidence in Kepa and will sell it this summer. In fact, Lampard abandoned Kepa for a period of time in the middle of this season, but he used it again due to various pressures. Unfortunately, Kepa didnt seize the opportunity, instead, he played worse and worse. When he joined Chelsea in 2018, Kepa signed a six-year contract and this season is the second. Now hes not going to be able to play his third season at Stamford Bridge.

Kepa loves life in London, but he knows he cant get on with Chelsea. According to the sun, Kepa is ready to leave the team with a pay cut because he knows no big clubs will sign him, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized teams to pay 150000 a week for a goalkeeper. A return to La Liga is likely to be Kepas next move and Sevilla intends to bring him in. In addition, it has been reported recently that Chelsea intend to exchange caper plus money for Atletico Madrids Albright.

In the 5-week match with Liverpool, the goalkeeper was even more embarrassed when he was replaced by Frank Lamper. In addition to Albuquerque, Burnley goalkeeper Popper and Manchester Uniteds loan keeper Dean Henderson are all options considered by Lampard. On the professional website transfer market, Kepa is now worth only 28.8 million pounds, far less than the 72 million pounds that Chelsea bought him. This years Premier League summer window will open on July 27 (tomorrow), and Chelsea will have to accept the fact that they are selling Kepa at a loss.

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